Luxuriate in Style: A Few Suggestions to Find the Right Bathtub

For many, taking a bath is one of the best ways to relax after a busy day. Soaking up in a warm bath is about cleansing the mind and the body. And when combined with a spirit-lifting view and a few drops of essential oil for relaxation, the process becomes even more therapeutic. If you don’t have a spectacular view of the city, countryside or ocean, you can create your own relaxing setting using natural elements such as plants, candles and pebbles.

Picking the right bathtub for your bathroom is very important as it can impact your bath experience – it can make it an indulgent and rejuvenating spa-like experience or a banal and boring everyday chore. The great news is, there are quite a few styles to accommodate just about any bathroom. When it comes to how to choose a bathtub, the amount of space you have will be the main factor when deciding what style is right for you.

Freestanding Bathtubs

picture of a freestanding bathtub in a modern bathroom with a view on  lake

Among the most popular styles of bathroom tubs are the freestanding models, and it’s easy to see why. They can freely fit in just about any space and don’t need a connecting wall to be installed. Aesthetically pleasing, the style of this tub also provides a more vibrant focal point for your bathroom compared to most drop-in tubs and it is priced quite evenly to the other options on the market. Many freestanding bathtubs come in white acrylic, but you also can find designer versions in stainless steel and high-end materials such as chiseled stone, black granite or marble. Different shapes are also available including oval (the most common), square, rectangular or cylindrical.

Clawfoot Bathtubs

picture of a clawfoot bathtub in front a window in a bathroom

This classic bathtub style is still very much trendy even today. Clawfoot bathtubs are freestanding tubs supported by four legs on the bottom. They look beautiful and can easily add charm and rustic elegance to any traditional bathroom design. Also called soaker tubs, this bathtub style allows you to sit in the bath and unwind, washing away the day with a calming soak. You can choose a freestanding tub that suits your bathroom’s design and then select ornamental or sculptural feet to get the finish you want. Just keep in mind the amount of space clawfoot tubs take up. In a small bathroom, these tubs may leave little space for anything else.

Alcove Bathtubs

picture of an alcove bathtub in a modern bathroom

These are often found in residential apartments or small homes with single bathrooms as they help save on space. Alcove bathtubs are enclosed on three sides while one side is exposed for the user to step in and out. The faucets are usually installed in one wall, and showerhead fixtures are often placed high up above the faucet valves. Most alcove bathtubs come with a wide skirting on which you can place shampoos and soaps. Rather inexpensive, these tubs work perfectly well as a tub shower combo.

Corner Bathtubs

picture of a corner bathtub in a modern bathroom beside a window

These bathroom tubs are shaped and designed to be installed into a corner in the bathroom. They come with in-built features for a spa-like experience like jetstreams and jacuzzi modes. Available in a range of sizes, you can choose one according to the available space you have in your bathroom, although they’re often a better choice for large, spacious bathrooms. Fitting a corner bathtub in a very small bathroom may make the tub look hemmed in.

Features to Consider

Most bathtub manufacturers offer an array of features, especially for their top-of-the-line products. Take a look at the most common ones.

Jet and Bubbles Modes

  • Silent motor technology that significantly reduces the sound of the jets
  • In-line heaters that warm the water as it circulates, preventing heat loss
  • Foot massage jets mounted on underwater footrests
  • Multi-speed setting to adjust the vigour of the jets
  • Micro-bubble jets for the ultimate experience
  • Bubbe-only jets that provide warm air throughout the tub


picture of a bathtub with lights for chromaterapy on tiles with black flowers

LED lights that change colour underwater to suit your mood. From soothing blue to peaceful pink, the choice is yours.


Resonant speakers attached to the tub that send sound through the water so you can feel the vibrations on your skin. You can sync music from the playlists you have on your phone or computer.

Digital Controls

This feature makes it all happen with a built-in touchpad. The pad allows you to control the jet direction and flow, temperature, music or color of the water with a touch of a bottom.

How to Decor Bathtub Area

picture of an accessories around the bathtub with a view of nature

Accessorizing your bath can be done with a few quick and easy additions. For example, if you don’t have a windowsill or a ledge nearby, you can still create a place to put a book or a drink by positioning a small standing shelf or table near the side the tub. You can also invest in a caddy and put a candle or nice glass of wine while you’re unwinding in the tub.

Mia Hadson

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