Leather Pouches: Staying Organized on the Go

One of the easiest ways to make any outfit look instantly better is by adding a trendy handbag that stands out. Leather pouches are one of the favourite bags among fashionistas due to the versatility in their designs and the ease with which they can help upgrade any outfit. Whether paired with a pantsuit for work or with jeans for a casual evening outing, pouches can elevate your fashion game.

The world is moving towards minimalism in most aspects, and handbags have also taken the heed. It’s common for women to overstuff their handbags with many ‘necessities’ which only make their bags heavy. If you suffer from back problems and wear a lumbar support brace to maintain the natural curve of your spine, a heavy bag can still cause a lot of strain to your shoulders and back. The minimalist design of pouch bags makes it practically impossible to carry things you don’t need. This comes as a huge relief to the body from heavy bags are detrimental to the back and shoulders.

multiple leather pouches
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Simple, flexible and elegant, pouch bags come in many designs, sizes and colours. They can be held on the hand or carried underarm and don’t have a lot of components or different parts hanging from them. Here is what to keep in mind when buying a leather pouch.

For Beginners: Go Neutral

If you aren’t sure that you can pull off this new trend, it’s best to opt for a model in a neutral tone such as beige, black and white, or go for a timeless material like leather. Leather pouches are easy to pair with different outfits as they go with just about anything.

Consider Versatility

If you want something that can be flexible and complement different events, seasons and styles, then a clutch bag with lots of glitters and a striking colour might not be the right fit for you. For example, a small pouch leather bag that is both functional and stylish is one of the styles that can really fit in a work setting, casual lunch, parties and evening dinners.

leather pouch with pencil
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Consider Your Body Shape

Similar to clothes, the best handbags are the ones that accentuate your best features while drawing attention from the parts that you don’t like. Simply said, it’s all about choosing the right size of a pouch bag in relation to your body. For example, if you have a curvier body, go for a mini pouch with a sling as they will make your body appear slimmer and taller. If you are petite, look for a large pouch that will get most of the attention.

Consider the Occasion

It’s important for your bag to match the occasion. Whether you will be running some errands around town, shopping or attending a formal dinner, you need a bag that suits the particular event. As a rule of thumb, use large pouch bags for casual settings and keep small elegant pouch bags for formal events.

leather pouch
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How to Wear Pouch Bags

Go Femme

If you thought that pouch bags could only be combined with jeans or trousers, we’ve got good news for you – they also look fabulous with skirts and dresses. Browse Instagram or Pinterest to find out how influencers are pairing pouch bags with beautifully light dresses and mid skirts, especially with cute patterns like florals or animal prints.

Wear to Work

Pouch bags at the office? Sure, why not! Pouch bags are a versatile accessory, and if you choose a sophisticated aesthetic, there is no reason to banish it from your work wardrobe. Keep it relatively small and opt for neutral colours. Pair it with a blazer and get ready for the day.

Experiment With Colours and Patterns

leather pouches in different colours
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Gone are the days when you had to match your handbags to your belts and shoes. While it’s perfectly fine to have a theme colour for your look, don’t be afraid to experiment and see what colours match and what patterns complement each other. Monochrome bags go well with smart articulated outfits while bright coloured pouches can be a great addition to a solid coloured outfit.

If you are always on the go and need a light bag to just fit your cardholder, phone, keys and lipgloss, then a small pouch bag may be your perfect match. Think of your pouch bag as an investment piece and get one of a high-quality made from a durable material. This way you will make sure you can enjoy your new fave for many years to come.

Mia Hadson

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