Make Someone Happy Today – the Suggested Gifts for Your Tech-Savvy Friends

When it comes to gift-giving, it is important to take into consideration the things that the recipient enjoys. While you might appreciate a box of chocolates, scented candles or some thought-provoking book, your friends and family might enjoy some other things more. In order to gift the perfect gift, your best bet is choosing something that speaks to their interests and hobbies.

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But there is a catch here – buying gifts related to someone’s hobby can be tricky, taking into account that they know best which items are of high-quality and which ones are not that necessary. You wouldn’t buy a photographer a camera unless you are well acquainted with the specifics of cameras as well as the specifications of the one your friend owns. This is why it is best to stick with gifts related to their general interests if you want to be a good gift giver. And while it is the thought that counts, the best part of gift-giving is seeing the excitement when the person unwraps their gift.

We all have that one friend who seems to have it all and poses a real pain in the neck when it comes to choosing the right gift for him/her. This especially holds true for our tech-savvy loved ones, as it is usually hard to keep up with the latest gadgets if they don’t spike your interest. If you are looking for ideas for cool tech gifts, our list is full of interesting gadgets that almost everyone will love.

A Lava Lamp

lava lamp tech gift

Lava lamps are a classic and have been around for decades. We can say that they are a staple in every child and teen room. But what exactly makes them cool? How do lava lamps work? Well, they are filled with two liquids that can’t be mixed. A common example of liquids that don’t mix is oil and water. If you put some oil in a pot of water you will notice how it floats on the surface. It is because the two liquids are insoluble. Another requirement is for the liquids to be close in density. When the light bulb inside the lamp is heated, the heavier liquid expands and becomes less dense. This, in turn, makes it lighter so it rises to the top. When it reaches the top, the liquid is away from the heat source so it cools down and sinks. The process is repeated. The end result is a relaxing lamp in different colours.

This is one of the first gadgets that come to mind when looking at tech gifts, as it spikes curiosity in children when it comes to the whole process of operation. Tech-savvy teens and adults, on the other hand, will already know what happens and will enjoy the lights and slow movements of the liquids even more.

A Drone

drone like tech gift

Drones are the most popular electronic gadgets right now, which is why they are perfect for people looking to buy tech gifts for their tech-savvy friends. And if they are a bit expensive for your budget, you can always ask mutual friends or other members of your family to chip in. But why would someone want to own a drone? Well, for starters, drones are great if you want to take photos or videos of less accessible places. You can get a bird’s perspective picture without needing a helicopter. They are ideal for recording events, such as parties where you can see the great number of guests present. Or, if you are camping you can get a glimpse of the view from above and even find out if there are meadows or rivers nearby.

Besides recording videos and taking pictures to memorize your best moments with friends and family, drones are great for explorers and adventurers. We already mentioned camping and hiking, but another advantage of bringing your drone when camping, besides the view, is locating your friends that have split up from the group. The best technology gifts are fun and practical at the same time, right?

Walkie Talkies

tech gift walkies talkies

A good pair of a walkie talkie, or even a 4 pack, is the perfect gift for your friend that loves gadgets and exploring. Especially for those who go on adventures where there is little-to-no cell service. Let’s not forget that we’ve mentioned that the quality of the gadgets is equally important as the thought put into the gift. There are a few things to have in mind when purchasing walkie talkies. The first one is the range. The wider the range, the more distance the walkie talkie covers. This is quite useful when hiking or camping in unfamiliar areas. Then, make sure you look for one with a backlit display. Having a backlit display means that the user won’t have to shine a torch to see the screen. It is basically the same as with cellphones and watches – you want to be able to use them at night. Another useful feature is a carabiner. Almost every camping equipment has carabiners, from reusable water bottles to torches. The user can attach the walkie talkie to a backpack or their trousers. Hands-free! Of course, you don’t have to be an outdoor sports enthusiast to want a walkie talkie. It is a great gift for kids who go on secret missions with their friends as well.

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