Makeup Blending Sponge Buying Guide

Makeup blending sponges are an amazing product that has revolutionised the way we apply makeup. Also called foundation sponges, beauty blenders, etc., these small objects are essential for any makeup enthusiast. They are designed to help you flawlessly apply foundation, as well as easily blend in contouring to enhance your natural beauty.

While it’s not impossible to smear your foundation well using your fingers, nothing can give you that flawless finish better than a blending sponge. They come in a range of different sizes and shapes, and while the original egg-shaped one has always been the most popular one, there are many different types you can choose from. However, because of that, it can be daunting to buy one out of so many choices.

Things to Look for in a Blending Sponge


Regardless of whether you are just starting to use makeup or you are a makeup artist, there are many reasons why you should use a makeup blender sponge. If you are a beginner makeup enthusiast, the most obvious and most important reason is that it can help you learn how to apply makeup like a professional without spending extra money. There are several things you should look for when you are searching for the perfect beauty foundation sponge, including size, shape and porousness. All of these can determine how easy it will be to use it and how well it can blend in your make up

Even though it might not seem that way, the size of the beauty blender is quite important, and of course, it all depends on your personal preference. However generally most people find larger make up blending sponges to be harder to use. One of the reasons for this is that when you are applying foundation or blending in makeup, it can be more difficult for you to see what you are doing because if the beauty blender sponge is too large it will hide parts of your faces more than a smaller one. This means that with a smaller sponge you’ll be able to apply foundation contentiously without stopping all the time to look in the mirror.

If you are just starting to use makeup and you are trying to learn, smaller sponges are also preferable. This can help you determine whether you like how the sponge feels and if it’s easy for you to use it, and then you can decide if you want to buy a larger one.

The shape is also a very important factor to consider when choosing a makeup beauty blender. The shape can have a huge impact on how easy it is for you to apply the foundation. The most popular option amongst makeup enthusiasts out there is the egg-shaped blending sponge and for a good reason. This shape is optimal because it has two ends of different sizes, which will be very useful for you, offering you different advantages.


The smaller end of the egg-shaped sponge can be used for the areas of your face that can be harder to reach. You can use it for the area under the eyes and around the nose, for a flawless finish. On the other hand, you can use the larger end of the beauty egg sponge to apply foundation to the larger areas of your face, such as the forehead, the cheeks, the chin, etc.)

The third and probably most important characteristic of a foundation sponge is its porousness. This will determine how absorbent the sponge is. The best quality beauty sponges are absorbent, but they shouldn’t be visually porous. They should very smooth when you touch them, but they should look textured. So, when you are choosing a sponge for applying foundation and makeup, you need to make sure you can’t see any visible holes.

When you use your makeup blending sponge, you’ll need to dampen it, which is why you don’t want it to be so porous. This will not only ensure that you can apply the base and blend in the makeup nicely, but also that you won’t waste a lot of your makeup every time you are getting ready to go out.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Blending Sponge

Cleaning sponges

If you are just starting to experiment with a blending sponge, you’ll probably want to try out things, and learn yourself. However, there are a few rules of thumb you should consider, to get the most of it, learn how to apply makeup like a professional and prolong the life of the sponge.

Before using it, you should always immerse the sponge in water and then wring it well. This way you’ll make sure that the sponge doesn’t absorb too much of your makeup. Furthermore, when you are using it, you should always dot and dab – dot the makeup onto your face and dab the sponge across your face to blend your foundation. Also, remember to always use your makeup egg sponge gently and clean it after use.

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