Men’s Fashion Tips: How to Dress for Work

People often say “dress for success”, which makes it sound as if your clothes can have some impact on your carrier advancement. People also often say “clothes don’t make the man”. And funnily enough, both statements are true. But, how can this be?

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Well, while the clothes you wear don’t represent who you are really, most people make an assumption about a person as soon as they see them. We just can’t help it, we judge by what we see. In other words, subconsciously or on purpose, we express ourselves through what we decide to wear. And if you manage to take the advantage of this, you can really determine what your clothes reveal about you.

But even more importantly than that, it’s been proven that when we feel confident about the way we look – it shows. Thus, the right accessories, shoes and clothes, which make you feel good about your looks, will make you look competent, hard-working, fun, mysterious or/and, yes, successful.

And then there is a lot to say about autosuggestion. While it may not be a scientifically proven thing, we’ve all felt it at least once – you convince yourself about something, and after a while, it somehow miraculously happens to you. So, clothes do matter, especially in business. But, how do you choose what you’ll wear in your office? How casual or formal should it be? How bold? What’s business casual? Is there a simple, infallible outfit, and what is it?

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If there is one garment that should be in every man’s wardrobe, it’s a nice shirt. So, when you are trying to build a collection of clothes for the office, the first thing that you should do is buy work shirt that suits you perfectly. Shirts are extremely versatile, offering an incredible number of styling options. So, of course, they are a must, and thankfully they come in many different styles, which means that in theory, it shouldn’t be too hard to find something that will suit you just right.

However, choosing the right shirt may prove harder than it sounds. The first thing you should worry about, as with any clothing item you are buying is finding the right fit. There is a right and a wrong fit, and the wrong fit can make you look funny, and it definitely wouldn’t do you any good in your workplace.

The first thing is measuring your arm length and your neck size. You don’t want your shirt to choke you, but you don’t want the collar to look too loose, hanging off your neck, either. You should be able to stick one finger in the collar, no more, no less. A good fit means that the shirt is snug but not tight. You should be able to tuck it into your pants, and it shouldn’t be too long nor too short.

When it comes to the style, it all depends on taste, as well as how formal you need to look at work. Whether you need a dress shirt or you can go for something more casual like a utility shirt or short sleeves, try to buy work shirt with comfort being the most important condition. Don’t forget that you are going to be wearing it for hours, so it should be made from breathable materials, preferably cotton.

Aside from work shirts, your business wardrobe could also include tops like a sportscoat, sweaters in different colours or patterns etc., so you can combine them for different fashionable and comfortable outfits.



When it comes to pants, the choices are also vast, but they can also be narrowed down by the dress code in your office. But whether you are going for dress slacks, semi-formal pants or jeans, there are three things you need to keep in mind: style, fit and comfort.

Men wearing poorly fitted pants can look ridiculous. Of course, they shouldn’t be too tight, nor too loose, but you should also consider the waist and the length. Different types of pants should fit differently when it comes to both waist and length, so you can’t use your jeans as a reference for your dress pants, for instance. And, just like with shirts, when you are buying pants you should take measurements, especially if you are buying online.

Furthermore, if you are just learning how to buy pants for work, you should try to find something that could be matched easily with your other clothes, your work shirts, as well as your footwear.

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Choosing shoes may be the trickiest part of creating a wardrobe for work for most men, especially if you are someone who loves their sneakers. But even for men who love fashion and have some understanding and experience with dressing up, shoes can be a hard one.

Nowadays things have become more relaxed in many industries, and you can see more and more men dressed very relaxed when they’re going to their office. However, if you want or have to look more serious, there are some ground rules.

When it comes to style, of course, you need to find something that you’ll be able to wear without feeling funny or not like yourself. The good news is that there are many, many different models of men shoes, so there is probably something out there that you will like, even if you don’t like dress shoes.

However, try to stick with something at least a little bit classy, like simple leather shoes. Derby or oxford, loafers, darker brown or black leather shoes or ankle boots, monk straps… are all good options.

Since you spend a lot of time in your working outfit, regardless of whether you spend most of it standing or sitting, always try to buy high-quality comfortable men business shoes. Of course, quality will most likely mean spending more, but when it comes to shoes, you should always aim for the best pair you can afford because feet health can impact your overall health.

Think about all the pressure your feet feel from every movement of your body, and also don’t forget about your skin. The goal should be not only to feel good about the style but also to have the right support. In order to be comfortable, shoes should also fit good, meaning that like with all other items you’ll be wearing, they shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Apart from the size, you should be careful about the arch support, the insoles, the sole etc.

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