Motorized Blinds: Why are They Often Suggested as a Smart Choice


Without a doubt, it is technology that makes the world go round. We live in a modern society where somewhat robotic inventions clean our houses, dishwasher starts to work after the guests have gone home and you can even program the thermostat to keep your home at the perfect temperature. All these devices are designed to make our busy lives more convenient and simple. With everything becoming motorized and led by technology devices, window blinds also didn’t let this trend pass them by. Yes, motorized window blinds are here and they are coming with a huge pack of benefits. They are a bit expensive compared to other window solutions, but the advantages they come with are worth every dollar.

Convenience – Imagine having all of your blinds opened with one word or with a simple click of a button? Sounds amazing right? This can save you a lot of time and effort of going to each individual blind and opening them all by hand, especially if you have many in your home. You can program your blinds to open and close at any time of the day and you can even control them from anywhere using only your smartphone. There is a special application that needs to be installed on your cell phone so you can control your blinds if you are not going to be home until later that night or you are out of the town. Installing wifi window shades can ensure safety and privacy for your home from wherever you are. It is simple as that.

Energy efficiency – Aside from your home, your wallet can also benefit from the motorized shades in the long run. If maximizing the energy efficiency is your priority, then wifi window shades are the right choice of window treatment for you. You might be a little sceptical about this but here’s how it works. Having your blinds opened allows the sun to warm your home during wintertime while you are conditioning the room. The same applies for summer. Just turn on your fan and close your blinds, not allowing the sun to penetrate the room. This way you can enjoy a perfect room temperature and lower energy bills.

Safety – When we are leaving our homes for a longer period of time, we need to make everything within our power to ensure that our home remains safe. We all know that empty homes are the easiest target for thieves. They usually attack when homeowners are out of town for a long weekend or a vacation. Believe it or not, motorized blinds can do a lot for you when it comes to the safety of your home. Having your blinds opened and closed during different times of the day can make it look like someone has recently been in the home and this will make it a less desirable target for thieves. All you have to do is to place your shades on a timer and control them from your smart device no matter where you are.

Mia Hadson

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