Natural Face Scrub: Choose the Ideal One for Your Skin Type

Without any doubt, face exfoliation is essential and the first step towards having healthy looking skin. It is the process of shedding dry, old and hardened skin cells of the face, making your skin soft and glowing. Although face skin exfoliation can be done mechanically ( through microdermabrasion, dermaplaning), with the help of a laser or chemicals based face scrubs, you can enjoy doing this the natural way.


Instead of going under a mechanical laser, or undergoing some uncomfortable exfoliating procedure, you can opt for giving your face the needed care, glow and softness thanks to naturally-based face scrubs designed for both men and women. Except for this, a natural face scrub can minimise pores, reduce breakouts and acne, help fight aging, improve your tan and allow better absorption of other face products. Fortunately, these days you can choose from a wide range of natural face cleansers and scrubs that can suit any budget or skin type. Thanks to the use of many amazing natural ingredients, now you can give your skin the best and most natural scrub at home.

Normal Skin Scrubs

Even if you are lucky enough to have normal and problem-free skin, removing dead cells with a face exfoliator is a must. In light of that, you can use a natural face scrub that contains spirulina, jojoba beads and bamboo as they have the ability to gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it smooth and free of impurities.

Oily Skin Scrubs

It may sound strange but over-exfoliating oily skin can make it produce even more oil, thus make sure you do it only when needed. According to dermatologists, the ideal way to exfoliate oily skin is with the help of a natural scrub that contains charcoal as it can help to balance out the complexion through the process of removing toxins and excess oil from your skin.

Dry Skin Scrubs

When it comes to dry skin, dermatologists advice to exfoliate it as little as possible in order not to over-dry it. Once per month is enough, and when it comes to a good natural face exfoliator, you should opt for one that has a creamy texture and one that is rich with essential and moisturising oils. Except for exfoliator, you can also use some moisturising face wash in a combination with a washcloth for less skin irritation.

Combination Skin Scrubs

Combination skin can be quite tricky as those who have it, deal with both dry and oily patches. The best naturally-based face scrubs for people with that type of skin are the ones that contain fruit enzymes as they are gentle enough not to damage the skin while giving it the needed freshness and healthy look.

Sensitive Skin Scrubs

For those with sensitive skin, dermatologists recommend the use of natural cleanser/face wash and a gentle washcloth. Oat, cucumber, chamomile, rosehip, jojoba, avocado oil and vitamin E are great ingredients to look for in a face wash as they are great for skin that can get irritated quite easily.

Aiden Jones

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