Nissan Navara Exhaust Upgrades to Improve Performance

There is nothing more enjoyable than hearing the engine growl on a mean machine just like the Navara. However, getting that level of performance can be rather expensive at times. Luckily, with the availability of aftermarket parts being on the rise, there have never been more options to choose from when it comes to improving your truck’s performance. As a result of their increased popularity, you also don’t have to spend as much as you would on OEM parts, and the quality of aftermarket parts can either match and even surpass that of OEM parts. One aftermarket component, or rather, set of components I want to talk about is aftermarket Nissan Navara exhaust systems. An aftermarket Nissan Navara exhaust upgrades is one of the most price-to-value modifications you can perform on your vehicle, so it’s no wonder many people get them as the first, and often last, aftermarket modification.

Nissan Navara exhaust upgrade


What Does an Aftermarket Exhaust Upgrade Do?


The most obvious reason why you would install an exhaust upgrade on your Navara is to get significant performance gains. The extra horsepower you get with any Nissan Navara exhaust upgrade is going to be noticeable from the get-go. This is because more fresh air is being fed into the engine thanks to the wider diameter pipes that are constructed using special mandrel-bending techniques, allowing quick escaping of the exhaust fumes, while providing more clean air to the engine for an optimal air-to-fuel ratio.


If you’re someone who wants their Navara to sound like a sports car, the right aftermarket Navara mufflers can make that happen as well. If you want to make your vehicle quieter, there is also a way to do so with a muffler upgrade.

Fuel Economy

Furthermore, an aftermarket exhaust system can help make your Navara’s fuel consumption more efficient. Due to the fact that the pipes on aftermarket exhaust systems are wider in diameter, and there aren’t as many restrictions, the engine will get more cool, clean air and won’t run as hot. Plus, the hot exhaust gases will leave the system faster, reducing the overall temperature of the system. Cleaner and oxygen-denser air makes the combustion process more efficient, and thus, your Navara will use less fuel to operate.


With a new component or whole exhaust system mounted on your vehicle, you can expect a longer lifespan. This is especially the case if your new Nissan Navara exhaust upgrade is made of quality materials, such as aluminised or stainless steel.

Types of Exhaust Upgrades


Types of Exhaust Upgrades


Exhaust systems are made from numerous different parts, hence why there are different types of exhaust upgrades. With an axle-back exhaust upgrade, you might get the least amount of performance gains and improvement in fuel economy, but you won’t pay as much for it or spend a lot of time installing it. This is because the upgrade itself requires only changing the parts from the axle back.


A step up from an axle-back upgrade, a cat-back Navara exhaust system upgrade includes replacing everything from the catalytic converter back. It is not as easy to install but it provides more performance and fuel economy gains than an axle-back upgrade.


The most drastic exhaust upgrade you can get for your Navara is a header-back exhaust. This type of upgrade replaces everything from the header back and it takes a lot of time and effort to install it. However, installing a header-back exhaust system will provide you with the highest performance and fuel economy gains.

Exhaust System


Signs That Your Exhaust System Needs an Upgrade

Decrease in Power

When your Navara exhaust system starts wearing down, you will usually feel it in the engine’s performance. Your Navara won’t be as powerful and it won’t be able to accelerate as it used to.

Bad Fuel Economy

When you start to notice the engine using more fuel than it used to, then it is time to either replace an exhaust component or the entire system. This happens mainly because the engine is struggling to “breathe” and thus, it needs to burn more fuel to keep working the same way it did before.


When you start to smell fuel or burning from the vehicle it means some part in the exhaust system is warped or exposed to extreme heat. This is usually a manifold gasket which can even lead to smoke coming out of the exhaust.

Droopy System

If you hear rattling under your Navara while driving, it usually means an exhaust pipe is sagging. This is a relatively easy-to-repair issue, but it can also be a more technical one, in which case it can be more serious. A droopy exhaust is the result of the exhaust system not being installed properly. The age of your Navara and the wear on the system can also contribute to a droopy exhaust system. When it comes to the latter, you need to watch out when driving on bumpy, rough roads or over speed bumps.

Exhaust Note

A loud exhaust doesn’t always mean there’s an issue with it, but if yours is louder than usual then chances are there is an underlying issue. This usually has to do with an exhaust pipe or the muffler, and it is best that you have it checked immediately. Better to spend some money on minor repairs than to spend a fortune on heftier, more demanding ones.

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