The Suggested Handbags a Woman Should Own

Handbags play an essential role in the life of modern women as they allow them to take everything they need conveniently on the go. They are also fashion accessories that can either break or make an outfit. Today, there is a variety of stylish handbags on the market, therefore finding the perfect one can be overwhelming. To make things easier, here’s a guide on the suggested handbags every woman should own.

A Practical Tote Bag


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Tote bags for women are available in different sizes, shapes, materials and designs; making them an important everyday style statement of the modern era. Their design is such that they are capable to meet any number of uses you can think of. They can be used as work bags, office bags, gym bags, shopping bags, travel – you name it. They are large enough to hold all of the essentials you need for the day but small and lightweight enough to provide you with the ultimate comfort.

That being said, if you are looking for a versatile solution, investing in a quality women’s tote bag is the right choice. Available in a variety of materials, from canvas to leather, fabric, PVC, plastic and more, they can complement your everyday look. The leather totes can last for years, especially if you take proper care of them. A canvas tote bag is a great choice if you want something that’s eco-friendly but durable at the same time.

If you really want to show off your style at work, then you should definitely look for a tote laptop bag. Instead of going for the standard laptop cases, a tote laptop bag will allow your work to seamlessly blend into your style. This way, you can complete your professional attire and be able to take your work with you everywhere you go.

Tote bags can be very functional for mummies too. With a bag like this, you won’t need to worry about leaving anything behind anymore. Now, you can carry all the baby must-haves such as bibs, diapers, bottles, extra clothes, towels, food and more.

A Lightweight Satchel

satchel bag

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With a satchel, you can carry less, but everything you carry can be more secure. This purse is a great fit for people on the move who don’t need a lot of things to function. It comes with a large handle, so you can wear it cross-body, keeping your hands free. You can find this bag in various sizes, so it can hold everything you need it to, from your paperback book to your tablet and your pouch with your daily make-up.

In order for it to match any kind of outfit, try to find a satchel in a neutral colour and design. Leather satchels in black, beige or dark brown colours are timeless options that can complete any look. Also, try to avoid a lot of hardware or logos on it because those can date your bag. In other words, the simpler, the better.

A Cute Clutch

clutch bag

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This kind of handbags can be the perfect option for formal events when you only need to take very few things with you. Although they are very cute and light, they can hold only two or three items. Clutches are perfect for complementing a formal outfit such as a cocktail dress since they don’t stand out as larger bags do. They can also be the perfect fit for your short walks in the park or a daily coffee with a friend in the nearest bar. Anyway, try to pick one that has multiple interior pockets, so you can carry more items than just your phone and lipstick.

A Funky Straw Basket

Funky Straw Basket

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A straw basket bag became popular during the 70s when the style icon Jane Birkin made it her signature handbag. This is the perfect handbag for your daily activities during warmer months. Coming in many different colours and designs, it can be your ideal summer carry-all bag. It looks especially great when paired with lightweight summer dresses.

A Medium-Sized Shoulder Bag

Shoulder Bag

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Shoulder bags have a sleek look but are perfect for casual and sporty activities. They can be made of different types of materials such as leather, canvas, fabric and more. Leather or texture suede can be a great addition to everyday outfits, while a neat canvas fabric can be perfect for a lightweight look during summer months.

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