Riesling: The Suggested Wine for White Wine Lovers

There are two types of people in the world: those who prefer red and those who prefer a glass of white wine. For those of you that love a glass of good white in hot summer days, I have a suggestion: the German light, crisp and a little bit sweet Riesling.

The wide palette of Riesling aromas is just what you need when the hot sun starts burning your skin; it is the refreshing element for a perfect summer day. What makes it so great? Besides the famous Riesling aromas of lemon and pineapple and the secondary notes of honeycomb and the incredibly zesty ginger along with the hints of petrol, Riesling is a white variety that has quite much to offer.


It Can Be Sweet and Dry!

Most of Riesling vintages are sweet and that’s what most people expect to taste when they drink a Riesling variety. However, there are some dry vintages that grow mainly in Germany and produce some great dry Rieslings. These Rieslings are always labeled as either “trocken” or “dry”; if there is no label, it is a sweet Riesling. Some wine lovers will find the dry variety a little unconventional and the dry Riesling aromas to be a little strange. However, considering the fact that dry Rieslings in Germany are considered a rule rather than an exception, I believe it’s more than suggestible to try them and see if you incorporate them in your list of favourites.

They Taste Yummy

Yes, Riesling is a sweet variety, but it’s also crispy and zesty, thanks to the lemon and pineapple, ginger and petrol notes in its composition, which is what makes it the most aromatic wine. And that combination is like heaven in your mouth (as described by oenophiles). However, there’s a certain procedure as to how Riesling should be consumed in order for its best nuances to make an impression on your tasting senses. It should be served after being left 30 minutes outside the refrigerator; not extremely cold, just slightly chilled. Another thing to know is that Riesling is low in alcohol, so feel free to have a glass extra.

Food Pairings

Riesling is known to make an excellent food partner, since it pairs with various food choices so easily, which is one of the reasons chefs love it so much. This white goes perfectly well with spicy foods like Thai, Indian or Chinese; all kinds of meat can be paired with it, from white meats like chicken and pork to a bowl of grilled shrimp. And of course, dishes prepared with mild cheeses made from cows milk and Riesling are a classic combination.

All in all, Riesling is a variety with long history and tradition in the wine world and on the table. Thanks to the many qualities it owns, its popularity has risen so much that today Riesling is produced and sold in all parts of the world. And how wouldn’t it be, which other variety can you plan a dinner party with and not get your guests drunk!

Mia Hadson

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