Shutters: 4 Suggestions to Enhance Every Window

There’s no place like home. The cosy space we retreat to at the end of the day is more than a refuge where we go to recharge and relax. It’s the image of our personality and style. Very much like clothing we pick out. And while we take a substantial amount of time to create an Instagram-worthy outfits (accessories included), when it comes to home decorating, we mostly focus on key elements – furniture, paint colour, rugs and lighting. Accessories such as window treatments often get overlooked. But they too make the décor puzzle.shutters for saleVersatile, affordable and highly functional, window shutters can add elegance and style and instantly enhance both interior and exterior and the value of your home. Their flexibility in terms of design and colour is what makes them the ideal solution for creating a bright and airy room while adding aesthetics to the any décor scheme (from vintage and bohemian to traditional and contemporary).

Moreover, shutters are durable, easy to clean, and offer great light control and privacy. They can also help with sound and thermal insulation keeping your house cool in summer and warm during colder months. Still, not all shutters for sale are one-size-fits-all décor accessory. You’d need to consider the style, material and construction as well as the style of your home. You’d probably want something that will not only look great on your windows, but add function to your living space as well. Here are few shutter styles that address both decorative and functional features of your home.


As one of the most popular shutters for sale, plantation shutters have a practical design and feature extra wide lovers what gives them their signature elegant look. When used for the exterior, they can protect your windows from storm, rain and other harsh weather conditions, and can also be adjusted to let in warm gentle breeze during those magical summer nights. Due to their classic yet sophisticated design, they fit perfectly in both formal and casual home settings and can be the ideal choice for bedrooms, kitchens or dining rooms. Plantation shutters can be made from various materials including basswood, vinyl and engineered wood.

Raised panel

As their name implies, raised panel shutters come with a solid base that features a central raised panel. They are used as exterior window coverings and look great when combined with window flower boxes. Raised panels in dark rich colours can give dramatic, traditional look to your exterior, while neutral light shades can make it look more sophisticated and modern.


Louvered shutters consist of horizontal louvres or slats that are adjusted at such an angle to be able to let in air and light into the room, while keeping out rain, cold and direct sunshine. They are exterior window coverings (available in various materials such as wood, fibreglass and vinyl) and can suit a vast array of architectural styles.

Board and Batten

Board and Batten shutters can be either spaced or joined and can have a square or arched top. They feature individual boards connected together through battens or short crosspieces. Models with arched top work best with curved windows, while the square-top ones best suit square and rectangular windows. They have a rustic design very similar to that of shutters found on old cottages and can bring warmth and old-age charm to your home.


Mia Hadson

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