Skateboarding 101: How to Know Which Skate Shoes to Choose

skate-stuntSince today there are literally hundreds of pairs of skateboard shoes on the market, choosing the right ones for you can be a truly difficult task, especially if you’ve just entered the exciting world of skateboarding. That’s precisely why I’ve decided to write a short but informative and thus useful article about the things you should pay attention to when looking for this crucial item of your skate apparel. All right, let’s begin.

The Soles

The soles of your skate shoes are an extremely important piece of the puzzle because they are the direct link between your feet, your skateboard, and the ground. In case you didn’t know, there are vulcanized soles and cupsoles. A vulcanized sole is glued to the upper of the skate shoe, whereas a cupsole is stitched to the outside of the shoe. If you’re looking for skate shoes that offer flexibility, maneuverability and great board feel, then you should definitely opt for ones with vulcanized soles. Skateboard shoes with cupsoles, on the other hand, are perfect for those who want their shoes to provide them with the much needed protection and cushioning and last for a long period of time.

How to know which skate shoes have vulcanized soles and which have cupsoles? If you decide to give vulcanized soles a chance, then you should look for skateboard shoes that have foxing tape but no stitches. Cupsole shoes, on the other hand, don’t have tape.

The Uppers

The material your skate shoe’s upper is made of is also very important. When it comes to skate shoes, canvas, hemp, leather, and suede are the four most popular upper materials. Canvas and hemp are lighter, more flexible and more breathable than leather and suede, but they are also less durable. If you intend to do technical street skating, then you might want to opt for skate shoes with leather or suede uppers.


The Profile

Many skaters pick low top skateboard shoes because they don’t restrict them in any way. However, when the skaters put the protection of their ankles first, they opt for mid or high top skate shoes. If you decide to go with a pair of high top skate shoes, keep in mind that they are bulky and don’t offer as much mobility as low top ones do.

Let me end this article by advising you to try on as many different pairs of skate shoes as possible before you actually buy one. Your feet will let you know when you find the ideal pair for you.

Aiden Jones

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