Solar Powered Gates – the Suggested Eco-Friendly Solution for Your Driveway

It is the small conveniences in life that are often what makes our days better and make life a bit easier on the hard days. That’s even truer if you have any sort of a mobility issue, kids who can’t stop running around, or you’re just really tired after a long day at work. One such modern convenience that can make a world of difference in your day-to-day life is the automatic gate opener. One of the greatest inventions in this filed is solar-powered automatic gates. These are simple systems that don’t have too many working parts, which means the chances of them malfunctioning are smaller.

solar panel gate

Control Box

The control box is where the automatic gate openers solar powered batteries, receiver and power pack are located. It also contains the motherboard which is responsible for running all of the various input devices that are needed to operate the gate. The control boxes are usually made from durable materials, such as impact-absorbing plastic or steel. The standard cable that comes with the gate usually allows you to install the box 2.5 meters from the gate which is enough distance if your gate is close to the street. However, if that is not far enough, you can always add another cable.

Actuator Ram

Actuator Ram solar gate

The actuator ram is basically what moves the gate and holds it firmly throughout the whole process. It functions in the same way as a hydraulic press – there are versions that are powered directly by the motor (mechanical force) or by pressure. The most common construction design features two cylindrical tubes – one fits inside the other, and in order to open or close the gate – the end of the smaller tube is bolted to the gate so that when it is pushed out it can extend and close the gate or retract and open it. All quality actuator rams are made from rustproof materials and have an overall durable build. They are the part of the automatic gate that does most of the work and they are constantly exposed to the elements and that’s why it’s important that they are made of quality materials.

Solar Panels

solar panels

The great thing about automatic gate openers solar powered models is that they don’t need to be connected with the house’s electrical system. Nearly all small solar panels are constructed the same way – they use a gridwork of cells that can collect sunlight and convert it into electricity. In the case of solar-powered gates, the solar panel is connected with a wire to the control box so that it can transfer electricity into it. Each automatic gate has a minimum amount of electricity that it requires and with it comes the appropriate size solar panels.

Solar Battery

Solar Battery

The final piece of the puzzle is the solar battery – this is usually a standard 12-volt DC battery and it is placed in the control box in order to store any extra energy. The gate itself is powered directly through the solar panels, however, the battery stores energy that can be used during nighttime or during cloudy days.

Before you choose the solar-powered driveway gate you want to buy, make sure it is rated for the weight of your gate. You can usually find this info at the top of the product page. Also, make sure you always check what’s included in the kit you’re looking to buy. Sometimes you may receive a solar-powered gate opener with keypad but realize there’s no solar panel included. Or, the opposite can happen. Double-check that the product you’re purchasing has everything you need to work optimally.

And last but not least, make sure to always read the reviews. For items like this one that has moving parts and high quality if of the essence, it can be really helpful to read about the experience of other customers. Check the current reviews on your model and compare the new info with old reviews that may be on a slightly different model or an updated version of the one you’re looking to buy.

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