Tips and Suggestions on How to Choose the Ideal Everyday Handbag

An everyday bag should be both practical and stylish. Choosing one (or a few for that matter) that can store all your necessities, while looking good and complementing most of your outfits is important. In order to avoid a pointless and long search, here are a few tips that might help you narrow the choices down a bit.

lady with black handbag

When Choosing the Ideal Size…

In order to figure this out you need to consider all everyday essentials you are likely to store in your ladies handbag. Now add some wiggle room, just in case you need something extra. Next, consider your body type and the ideal size for it. Short ladies should wear their bag above their hips and if you are tall, your bag should end at your waistline.

When Choosing the Ideal Shape…

If you nail this part too, your bag will positively influence your entire appearance and overall proportions. The tip that you should follow in this case is to go for a shape that is opposite of your body type. Simply put, if you are a tall and thin looking lady, opt for a slouchy, rounded bag. Its role here would be to store your stuff, of course, but it will also add some curves to your body. If you have a curvier type of body, then you can rely on rectangular ladies handbag. Remember, the rounder your physique, the more angular your bag should be (not boxy, though).

dark brown handbag

When Choosing the Ideal Style and Shade…

If you have already discovered your everyday style, and you feel perfectly comfortable with it, then your bag should follow this course of action too (not the other way around). If you are a casual type of lady, then go for the same style, so it can work for your everyday needs. Make comparisons with people who have the same taste as you, do your research, and you will surely come across a model that can complement most of your everyday outfits. When it comes to colours, black is always a safe choice. It is easy to match and there is a plethora of choices in different sizes and styles. And for those of you who are more curious and would like to explore the options, you need to find the predominant colour in your wardrobe first, and then look for the perfect shade for your bag. Neutral colours work best if your plan is to wear it with multiple combinations.

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