The Suggested Graphic High School Calculators

During the first school years, children learn how to calculate in their mind. They learn how to calculate simple mathematical equations which is a good preparation for more complicated calculations that follow later. In high school, the math classes become more difficult, and students are required to solve more complex calculations. For these calculations, they need special calculating gadgets which are known as graphing calculators.

Today, there are many different graphic calculators on the market, making your buying decision very hard. From basic black & white high school calculators to highly advanced graphic calculators, the selection is really wide. Here are our suggested graphic high school calculators which are used by students all over the world:


Texas Instruments Nspire CX CAS – Texas Instruments is one of the leaders on the market for calculating devices. The new Nspire CX CAS is a perfect calculator for every high school student. Light, thin and sleek, the Nspire CX CAS is a unique calculator suitable for both math and science subjects. This calculator can help you deal with basic algebra, finance, physics, chemistry, mathematic and many other advanced calculations. It comes with a large color screen with resolution of 320×240, a storage space of 20 MB and 16 MB of RAM. With this calculator you can create 3D colored graphics, equation color code, and transfer all calculations on your computer.

Texas Instruments TI-84 – Although an older model, the TI-84 is another powerful and useful calculator from Texas Instruments. This device is considered as the calculator that set the standards for all high school calculators. Although it lacks some features, the durable Texas Instruments TI-84 has been widely accepted by universities and high schools around the world. You can split the screen to see the graphics more clearly, and it allows you to follow the values in a compact table. Also, the TI-84 has 24 KB of RAM and 480 KB flash ROM, which allows you to use 12 pre-loaded applications quickly and easily.

HP 50g – The third suggested graphic calculator is the remarkable HP50g. Powerful, fast and equipped with the latest features, the HP50g is one of the best high school calculators you can find on the market. For a graphic calculator with an internal memory of 2.5 MB, 512 KB of RAM and a variety of functions, this calculator is one of the best low priced calculators. If you need extra memory, this versatile calculator comes with SD card. The HP50g can be used for various subjects, but it is recommended for high school math and science courses.

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