The Suggested Jaw Crushers from Sandvik

Sandvik is a well-known manufacturer of jaw crushers. This Swedish manufacturer produces a wide range of jaw crushers, including those specifically designed for mobile applications. With enhanced strength and reduced weight, the jaw crushers from Sandvik are ideal choice for contractors that need high-production and low operating costs.

The suggested jaw crusher from Sandvik is the single toggle jaw crusher, designed with attention paid on every single part. Like all other Sandvik jaw crushers, this one has the well-known old benefits and includes some of the latest technologies. Its welded frame is composed of two side plates of rolled steel, a hollow casting at the front and a moving jaw. The benefit of the welded frame is that it is equally strong in all directions, ensuring excellent durability and reducing the risk of failure of the main frame.

The Suggested Jaw Crushers from Sandvik

Most jaw crusher manufacturers include a stationary cross-wall to protect the top of the moving jaw, but this part reduces the effectiveness of the feed opening. This way, the material cannot be crushed, until it is dropped from a long distance to the crushing chamber. Fortunately, this is not a case with the Sandvik jaw crusher. The Sandvik jaw crusher doesn’t include a cross-wall in the feed hopper, but instead a deflector plate at the top of the moving jaw is installed. So, the effective feed opening is active and the material is effectively crushed in the crushing chamber.

The single toggle jaw crusher provides great balance and many other benefits: high reduction, high capacity, large feed acceptance capability and low jaw plate wear. The large feed acceptance capability is not the only positive side of the large feed opening. All jaw crushers that are used for mobile applications have a large feed opening, so they can handle the largest materials with ease. Also, it has a thick and replaceable deflector plate that protects the top of the jaw crusher from heavy impacts.

With its compact design, the Sandvik jaw crusher provides increased uptime and secure operation without any kind of issues. It features an automatic lubrication system, which ensures excellent protection of the roller bearings. The main components of the jaw crusher are also well protected with sacrificial parts, which reduce the total life cycle costs. Lastly, the bearings are grease-lubricated and are well-protected from dust.

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