The Suggested Juicy Couture Fragrances



Wondering how to surprise your loved one? What a better way to do that than by buying popular Juicy Couture fragrances. One of the most popular fashion brands, Juicy Couture is not only known for trend-setting designs, but for irresistible, powerful, yet subtle fragrances as well. The fashion house launched its first perfume Juicy Couture in 2006 which became an instant hit. Since, this fashion giant has created 17 new fragrances, all unique in design and scent.

As is the case with any perfume, before you buy Juicy Couture fragrances, determine the notes the recipient likes. Not every perfume smells the same on everyone, nor does it best portrays the lifestyle and personality of the person wearing it. Thus, make sure you choose the fragrance that best describes the recipient. Once you determine that, search for reputable online perfume shop that guarantees genuine fragrances. Buy perfumes online in Australia only from fragrance shops that have high customer ratings and offers a wide range of not only Juicy Couture fragrances, but any brand popular on these days. Here are few of the best Juicy Couture fragrances.

Viva La Juicy – If the recipient loves notes of wild berries, jasmine and creamy vanilla, then this is the perfume to get. This is one of the best Juicy Couture fragrances, wild, sensual, empowering and provocative. The exquisite notes of amber, caramel, mandarins, honeysuckle and gardenia will satisfy any nose.

Juice Couture – Looking for an elegant, timeless and feminine perfume, then choose Juice Couture, one of the best Juice Couture fragrances ever launched. Ideal for women that adore a lush mix of watermelon, apple, caramel crème brulee, woods and patchouli. According to recent surveys, out of all people who buy perfumes online in Australia, over 70% stated that this is their favorite Juicy Couture fragrance.

Couture La La – Perfect way to show your feminine side and a daring allure. A small bottle filled with bright mandarin and bold white floral notes and a great mix of red currant, lily of the valley, orange flower, smooth woods and liquid musk notes that will win you more than just couple of compliments. Check this elegant Juicy Couture fragrance, next time you buy perfumes online in Australia.

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