The Lost Medallion: The Suggested Faith Based Children’s Book

Looking for a way to create a spiritually rich home environment for your kids? You could do that with the help of outstanding faith based children’s books that teach kids to have faith. After all, without faith our lives have no meaning. But how do you explain the meaning of the word ‘faith’ to children. It is hard to explain that you need to have faith in something that you cannot see and this can confuse children even more. This is where faith based children’s books come in.

These books are ideal for nurturing the spiritual development of your kids and explaining the meaning of faith through interesting stories. The faith-based books teach children that the bible leaves room for the mystery of God and that they decide whether to believe or not. Kids need to find their own path, all parents can do is help them distinguish between good and bad. Increase their faith and moral principles by getting them a collection of nice faith based children’s books such as the Lost Medallion.


The Lost Medallion was initially published in 2011, but was reissued in 2013, together with the film where popular actors star in this outstanding adventure. This book teaches kids that faith lingers in their pure hearts, and that only they decide what to believe in. If you truly believe in something, miracles can happen. The Lost Medallion is a powerful entertaining book that teaches kids of moral and ethical values needed to survive in this world. Through this amazing story, the author teaches kids that each one of them is valuable and uniquely designed by God.

The Lost Medallion is a story about a young boy that wants to help his dad find archeological treasure, the lost medallion that once belonged to the king Keili that reigned in the Aumakua Island. Billy reads a story with his best friend Allie about a medallion that was buried in a secret place. Both of them find the long lost medallion using metal detectors. Unfortunately he also finds his dad trapped by guys looking for the same treasure. Billy wishes he had never found the medallion, but the wish is so strong that it takes him back in time when the whole story began. Billy soon discovers that the medallion has special powers, and this is where things take an unexpected turn. Him and his friend Allie now have the chance to change the past and influence the future.

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