Types Of Jib Cranes

The cranes are very important lifting machines for the construction sector, because without them the tasks that involve lifting heavy items and materials from one place to another would seem impossible. There are many crane models on the market, form small mobile cranes to large tower cranes, and every type comes with unique configuration and design. One particular crane type that is heavily used in enclosed manufacturing facilities is the jib crane. The jib crane is very efficient lifting machine that is generally used for lifting and moving heavy weight materials and objects in enclosed facilities.


The jib crane is designed with a horizontal supporting load boom which is attached on a pivoting vertical column. The vertical column can be either floor mounted or free standing. These lifting machines are capable to lift and lower loads from a fixed position. There are several jib crane models on the market, and the most commonly used are the following ones:

Free Standing Jib Crane. The free standing jib crane is designed to stand by itself on a solid concrete foundation without using building support. This lifting machine can be fully rotated for 360 degrees, making it ideal for lifting and moving materials from one location to another with ease. The free standing jib crane can be base plate mounted, sleeve insert mounted or foundation mounted. The standard capacities of the free standing jib crane are usually from 2 to 5 tons. However, some free standing jib crane models are capable to lift materials up to 15 tones.

Mast Type Jib Crane. Unlike the free standing jib crane, the mast type jib crane is a low cost alternative that can achieve a full 360 degree rotation without using a large mounting solid foundation. The mast of the jib crane is supported at the top and the the bottom with the overhead building steel. Generally, the mast type jib crane is available in two options: drop cantilever and full cantilever. The mast type jib crane models come with standard lifting capacities which is from 2-5 tones. Special mast type cranes with extra lifting capacities and heights are also possible.

Wall Mounted Jib Crane. The wall mounted jib cranes can be rotated for 200 degrees. They can be either tie rod supported or cantilever. A wall mounted jib crane can be easily mounted on any structural steel building column on any height. Although the wall mounted jib crane cannot be fully rotated, it is highly economical solution when compared with the free standing and mast jib cranes. Most wall mounted jib crane models come with lifting capacity of around 5 tones. Specially designed wall mounted jib cranes with more lifting capacities can be found on the market.

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