The Suggested Kubota Mini Excavator

Kubota is a well-known Japanese construction equipment manufacturer with experience of over 120 years. In its product line, Kubota includes wheel loaders, skid-steer loaders, backhoe loaders and excavators. However, Kubota is most popular for its excavators. The Kubota excavators are considered as some of the finest and most affordable on the market. Our focus in this text will be on the Kubota KX016-4 1.5 tonne excavator.


Why Kubota KX016-4?

This mini 1.5 tonne excavator raises the standards with its incredible digging force and wide working range. It has powerful and balanced arm and bucket, which allows the operator to dig faster and more efficiently regardless of the weather conditions. This 1.5 tonne excavator is powered by D782 13 PS engine, specifically designed for digging and lifting operations. This Kubota engine satisfies the emission regulations.

The undercarriage width is 990 mm, while the width of the whole unit is 1240 mm when extended. With these dimensions, the accessibility to any job site is significantly enhanced. This model can complete any job easily, safely and more efficiently even in very narrow spaces. This 1.5 tonne excavator comes with comfortable and ergonomic cabin for increased operator comfort. Furthermore, the KX016-4 1.5 tonne excavator features a brand-new digital panel that ensures safe and easy operation.

When it comes to maintenance, the engine and all other important components are positioned on one side only, making them easily accessible for maintenance. This way, daily inspections can be easily performed. Other important components are: water separator, alternator, starter motor, fuel filter and air cleaner. With all these innovative features, the Kubota 1.5 tonne excavator is definitely a machine for every construction site.

Aiden Jones

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