Suggested Tips For Preparing Refrigerated Trailer For Loading


A refrigerated trailer is a special trailer type that is used for transportation of temperature-sensitive goods. Made from heavy-duty materials to withstand extreme temperatures and heavy impacts, the refrigerated trailers can transport all types of materials. Although it is generally used for transportation, the refrigerated trailer is a versatile vehicle, as it can be attached to all types of commercial vehicles. Best combination is a semi-trailer truck and a refrigerated trailer. The most important thing when transporting temperature-sensitive goods is the preparation process. For on-time delivery, good organization is essential. That’s why most transportation companies develop a pre-loading plan. If your business involves using a refrigerated trailer, here are few tips to consider for proper loading :

Check If The Equipment Is Suitable – Before you start transporting the load, make sure that the refrigeration system of the trailer is operating properly and that it is capable to maintain the correct temperature for the load. Most refrigerated trailers come with performance plates (decals) which are attached at different locations. These plates provide some additional information concerning the refrigerated trailer performance.

Prewarming/Precooling The Refrigerated Trailer – Before you start with the transportation process, you need to precool or prewarm the refrigerated trailer in order to achieve the desired temperature. The best way to prepare your refrigerated trailer for transportation is to set the desired temperature, close the rear door and wait the trailer to reach the desired temperature. During the hot summer days, it may take up to 3 hours for the trailer to reach the needed temperature. Although the new trailers feature a microprocessor with an automatic precooling function, always schedule some time for prewarming/precooling.

Clean And Sanitize The Trailer – You should clean and sanitize your refrigerated trailer regularly in order to prevent odor, bacteria and chemical contamination. It is a must-do process, especially if you are transporting perishable foods. Remove the debris and keep the floor always clean. In some countries, there are certain cleaning procedures required by the law, in order to prevent foods from becoming contaminated by getting in a contact with the interior surface of trailers. Here is one tip for eliminating the odor: open few cans of ground coffee and leave them in the trailer for 8+ hours.

Maintain The Trailer & The Vehicle – A regular maintenance is essential for keeping the refrigerated trailer always prepared and ready for transportation. Usually, the sidewalls of the refrigerated trailers get rough and can affect the condition of the food products. The floor drain caps and the door seals need to be checked regularly and repaired if needed. Dirt can get into spaces of missing seals and contaminate the products. And most importantly, check if the holes of air chutes (ducts) are free, since they are designed to deliver air to keep the loads cool or warm.

Aiden Jones

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