Suggested Vga Monitor Cable Buying Tips

The basic purpose of the VGA monitor cable is to transmit analog video signals. People commonly use this monitor cable to connect computers with projectors, TV’s and other electrical devices. For example, if you want to make your own home theater, you need a VGA monitor cable to connect your PC with the TV. This way, you will have more clear picture resolution.

Why watching movies on a small PC monitor, when you can do that on your big TV screen. There are many cables that transmit analog signals on the market. Finding the right one might require some research. If you want to connect the computer with your TV, then make sure you pick the right type of VGA monitor cable with the right aspect ratio, shielding and resolution. If you don’t want to splurge money on wrong cables, consider some of the buying tips we have listed below:


Purpose of VGA Monitor Cable – The VGA monitor cable as we already said above, is used for transmitting analog signals between computers and TV’s or other electrical devices. Men find this cable very useful when playing video games. Most VGA monitor cables are used for the same purpose, however each one provides a different level of performance. Each VGA cable has different pin numbers. Each pin carries and transmit different information. For example:


  • Pin 1 – Red – Red Video
  • Pin 2 – Green – Green Video
  • Pin 3 – Blue – Blue Video and so on….

VGA Cable Types – A lot of factors can influence the final decision when it comes to buying a certain type of VGA monitor cable. Your budget and the performance requirements have a strong influence on the final decision. You must take into account the quality of the cable and the overall performance.


Check some of the following VGA cables which are most commonly used for transmitting signals between electrical devices

  • Economy Cable – This VGA monitor cable has a limited use. It is generally used with older device models. The maximum output resolution of the economy cable is 600 x 800.
  • Standard VGA Cable – The standard VGA cables on the other hand, are made of thicker wire, and provide better performance and resolution than the economy cables. They also provide better coaxial cable shielding. Perfect for multiple applications.
  • Premium VGA Cable – Compared to the standard VGA monitor cables, the premium cables are more expensive. A premium VGA monitor cable is made of 26 gauge wires and a braided shield to provide better performance and protection from short circuit.
  • Super Premium Cable – The super premium VGA monitor cable is perfect for sensitive applications. In order to provide maximum reliability and performance, manufacturers cover this cable with a dual-layered shield, one layer of braiding and a layer of foil.
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