The Suggested Types of Leather for Your New Pair Of Western Boots

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The presence of cowboy boots dates back from the mid-1800s and ever since they have remained one of the most popular types of boots. Worn by both men and women all around the world, cowboy boots are fashionable and casual types of boots that can last you a long period of time. The reason for that is the material. Generally speaking, the majority of western boots are made of genuine leather which in fact is the main reason for its durability and comfy feel. When it comes to the type of genuine western boots leather, there are many to choose from.

Cowhide Leather

It goes without saying that the most popular and traditional type of pure western boots leather is cowhide. Breathable, comfortable, durable and extremely difficult to tear, the pure western boots from cowhide leather are ideal to be worn on different occasions. Whether choosing cowhide western boots for everyday use or for working outdoors, these boots are the best and most affordable choice so far. All you need to do is to properly maintain your boots by cleaning, moisturizing and polishing them on a regular basis with a nourishing leather cream. By taking proper care, you’ll have them at your disposal for a very long time.


Ostrich Leather

When it comes to the exotic types of leather, ostrich is one of the most popular for designing western boots. Soft, comfortable yet durable, ostrich leather is extremely easy to maintain. It also comes in a range of patterns as it can be obtained by different areas of the animal (its back, side, leg). The main characteristic of a full quill ostrich leather is its bumps that appear from the plucked feathers.

Snake Leather

Another exotic type of leather for western boots is skin leather out of which python and rattlesnake are the most commonly used types. These types of boots are mainly chosen because of their unique pattern, softness and because of the unique feel they give to the touch. The main downside of snake leather boots is the higher standard of maintenance and care.

Kangaroo Leather

Kangaroo leather is well-known for its thickness and tightness. It is pretty similar to cowhide in texture just slightly tougher which is why it became so popular recently. Although durable, this type of leather also requires occasional maintenance (cleaning the dirt with a damp cloth and polishing the skin from time to time).

Horsehide Leather

Horsehide is another tougher version of leathers used for designing western boots. Just like kangaroo, horsehide leather is tougher than cowhide and is used for the grunt (hard) work type of western boots. They also do not require too much maintenance, only moisturizing with a specialized leather cream from time to time.

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