Suggested Ways To Maximize Warehouse Space When Expansion Is Not Possible

Major problem almost all warehouse owners are faced with (sooner or later) is available storage space. It is very common for a warehouse to be full even during slow sales periods of the year. Warehouses usually run out of space due to a rapid growth, large discount buying, seasonal peak and facility consolidation.

There are three common and unwanted situations that occur in warehouses. The first disadvantage of space lacking results from having too much of the right inventory, while the second is because there is too much of the wrong stock. According to warehouse racking Melbourne experts, the most common reason for lack of storage is poor use of the warehouse space. Luckily, there are ways to maximize your warehouse space, even when the expansion is not possible.

Outside (Temporary) Products Storage – During seasonal peaks or new product implementation, warehouses face big inventory build-ups, requiring extra free space. One method is to store products on rented trailers. It might be very expensive, as monthly rental fees alone range over $200, not to mention the trailer loading, drop-off charges and unloading expenses for labour. Another method to handle temporary inventory build-ups is to store excess inventory in a third party warehouse. But just as a trailer storage option, these services are charged on a short-term basis and can be quite costly.



Use The Entire Vertical Cube – According to warehouse racking Melbourne experts, using the entire vertical cube can increase the storage density. The vertical cube includes all space above the warehouse racking, pick areas, docks, total building clearance, etc. If your warehouse space uses less than 50 percent of the height, a big improvement is possible. You can use up to 80 percent of the vertical cube in your warehouse in order to safely handle the loads. A small vertical improvement of about 30% can be done by simply moving a few beams and re-arranging the racks.

Use Racks Over Docks – Many warehouse managers do not use the vertical cube properly, especially over docks. One way to increase the warehouse space is to position your racks over docks for storage of various loads. This is a long-term storage solution for staged materials in racking systems instead of storing the shipments awaiting final release on the floor.

Alternative Storage Methods – If these three ways are not enough, you need to consider alternative storage methods to increase your warehouse storage space. Some of these methods may require warehouse layout changes. You can install narrow aisle pallet rack where the space is limited for about 15 percent storage space increase. Double-deep pallet warehouse racking Melbourne dealers offer are used where multiple pallets of same capacity are used. One of the last alternative methods is to move all little products from pallet racks into shelving, drawers and carousels. This can allow you to move the products faster and reduce the order picking labor.

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