Suggestions on Choosing the Right Tent for Your Camping Adventures

Now that the weather is warm and pleasant, I’m thrilled at the possibility to go camping again! After surviving the gloomy winter locked indoors, I just can’t wait to get a taste of that fresh mountain air again. And I’m sure neither can you. After all, camping is part of every Australian’s DNA. And how could it not be? There are few spots on Earth that can brag with such delightfully sunny weather and picturesque naturelike Australia does.

3 person tent
So, needless to say, we Aussies have the habit to head out in nature every weekend, holiday, and every single free moment – as long as the weather allows it. Since we tend to camp so often, we also want top-quality gear that can ensure our trip is enjoyable. And when it comes to choosing a tent, I’m sure none of you wants anything else but the best. Here are some suggestions on what to consider when looking for the perfect outdoor shelter for your camping adventures.

The Number of People Using It

Let’s be honest, when we venture into nature we want to feel as comfortable as possible. And a tent that’s too small can make us feel crowded and uncomfortable to stay in. With that being said, it’s essential that you consider how many people will be using the tent and pick a model with an appropriate size.
While all tents are classified as 1 man, 2 man, 3 man tents…and so on, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re best suited for the number of people they refer to. The specification of a 2 man tent, for example, actually means that two people would be a tight fit, with no extra space left behind. So, although two campers might fit into a 2 man tent for sleeping, to have a truly comfortable experience, it’s best to consider the range of 3 man tents. This way, the tent will offer more room to shelter any gear, clothes and food you bring along.
On the other hand, 3 man tents won’t be able to fit a whole family. In that case, it’s better to pick a 5 man tent or even bigger depending on the size of your family. You also have the option to pick a tent that features rooms separated by an inside tent wall with a zippered door. This way people can have some privacy for changing clothes or simply for having some time to themselves. But remember, the bigger it is, the heavier the tent would be.
3 person tents

The Season You’re Going Camping

Besides being separated into a 1 man, 2 man, 3 man tents and so on, tents also differ in the weather conditions they’re most suitable for. With that being said, you can choose between a 2 season, 3 season or a winter tent. However, most Australian camping stores only carry 2 and 3 season tents as the conditions here are generally mild even in winter.
With that being said, 2 season tents are suitable for the sunnier parts of the year, whereas 3 season tents are designed to withstand heavy rain and strong winds which also makes them suitable for late fall, winter and early spring.
If you only camp when you have the reassurance of calm and sunny weather, then your tent doesn’t need to offer a lot of protection. However, even the most perfect weather can change rapidly, so, you should make sure you have where to hide if there’s an unexpected storm – like for instance, your car or an RV. Some cheap tents won’t hold up in bad weather.
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Features to Keep You Comfortable

If you’re going camping in the summer, keeping the tent cool inside is crucial for your comfort. So, look for a design that offers plenty of ventilation by featuring windows and screen doors. In addition to allowing the fresh air in, ventilation also prevents the inside from becoming damp while you sleep. It’s also essential that all doors and windows are protected with a mesh fabric so that no insectsand pests can get inside the tent even when it’s open.
It’s also recommended to check whether the materials used are UV resistant. As direct sun exposure is known to damage certain fabrics, a tent made of UV resistant materials can last longer. In addition, it will also do a better job of protecting you and any belongings you store inside. A tent with side pockets for storing gear and other items can also contribute to your comfort as it will prevent the space from getting cluttered and your belongings will be easy to find.
3 man tents

Check the Floor

The floor of the tent should be waterproof and sturdy enough to protect you and your belongings from cold and wet ground. To provide even more protection, you can also consider getting a mesh floor guard to place underneath the tent. This will add an extra layer of insulation. In addition, a floor guard will also prevent the tent from getting damaged from stones and twigs, and thus help prolong its lifespan.

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