Isuzu MU-X Accessories: The Suggested 4WD Vehicle Upgrades

Exploring new tracks or hunting wild animals are things best done with the help of a 4×4 as its capabilities allow for better maneuvering through rough terrain and unpredictable areas. This is why having some safety accessories installed on your vehicle is paramount. However, I am not talking about just any accessories – you need to upgrade your MUX with the accessories which will show a noticeable improvement right away. That being said, let’s go through the features of the most essential ones.

isuzu mux accessories

Diff Breather

This is basically a piece that goes from the differential up to a higher point in your vehicle which is usually the engine bay. This hose is connected to the diff (differential), hence the name, through a push fitting and a filter on the other end. A diff breather should be one of your must-have Isuzu MU-X accessories as it helps the differential suck air in through teh breather when you go through deep water levels. Without a diff breather, the water will enter through the oil seals and damage the gears and bearings.

Even if you are not experienced or skilful enough when it comes to mechanical stuff, installing a diff breather will still be a walk in the park. You simply need to remove the old diff breather (if there’s any) using a spanner and then you’ll need to screw in the new fitting with thread tape on it. Afterwards, you just need to run the hose to the engine bay, put some brackets on it install and attach all the filters and fittings and you are done.

Rated Recovery Points

isuzu mux rated recovery point

Whether you travel through muddy terrain or not, having rated recovery points is a must as you never know when disaster will strike. While transport hooks seem like a great alternative, they are not meant to be used for vehicle recovery, instead, they are meant for securing a vehicle during transport, hence the name. A rated recovery point is made for the specific use of vehicle recovery as it can withstand the forces generated from the pull during the process. They make for safe extraction and won’t become a hazardous flying missile when encountering high tension.


isuzu mux snorkel

Like the diff breather, snorkels are part of Isuzu MU-X accessories that can keep your vehicle running when crossing a deep river. But unlike a diff breather, they go on the side of the vehicle above the front tire, where the engine air intake is located. Since a snorkel positions the air intake higher, there is no dust entering and the air is cooler too.

This is guaranteed if you go with a sealed snorkel, otherwise, with an unsealed snorkel, you’ll just get better airflow, no protection from water or dust. The construction is also an important aspect as it impacts durability and the lifespan of a snorkel together with the price tag. Stainless steel ( is the best choice here as it provides excellent corrosion resistance and while you can go with a plastic one too, it won’t match the robustness and rigidness of a stainless steel snorkel.

Towing Mirrors

isuzu mux towing mirrors

Since this is a 4WD vehicle we are talking about, towing comes as second nature and for it you’ll need to have enough visibility so you can maneuver safely. In this case, towing mirrors are exactly what you need and depending on your use, you will either get permanent or clip-on mirrors – there are also snap-on, slide on and universal mirrors. With these Isuzu MU-X accessories, you get the highest level of versatility since there is so much to choose from, so take your time.


isuzu  bullbar

With a bullbar, you get both protection and convenience as it is meant to keep bushes and animals from damaging the front of your vehicle and add an extra layer of protection from wayward drivers. You can also attach LED lights, winches and antennas. Just remember, in order to get a quality part, you must consider the material of it.

While steel bars are one of the Isuzu MU-X accessories that can add a lot of weight to your vehicle and sometimes even require you to upgrade suspension, they are still the best choice since they can flex. Alloy bars won’t be able to match the level of protection of steel, but they won’t add a lot of weight to your vehicle meaning you will be able to pack more stuff without the need of a new suspension.

If you drive mostly near the beach, aluminium is the best option but remember although this material can be very rigid and strong, it doesn’t provide the same protection as steel bullbars. There are some aluminium bullbars the strength properties of which are close to those of steel ones and add less weight but they usually need regular maintenance and are not as easy to repair.

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