The Suggested Dance Training Equipment Every Dancer Should Own

While jamming to your favourite song in the privacy of your bedroom doesn’t require any special equipment, if you consider taking dancing classes, you better get your wallet prepared. Many forms of dance require the use of specialized equipment and apparel. For instance, if you’re signing up for ballet, a special pair of shoes is a necessity. You can’t even try performing a pirouette or assume an en pointe without wearing pointe shoes. And then there are some forms of dance where specialized dance training equipment helps set the proper mood, like for instance spiky heels for ballroom and Latin dance.

dance training equipment

Needless to say, taking up dancing as a hobby isn’t as cheap as you thought it would be. But the good news is that everything you need for class can fit into one little bag that you can carry around everywhere. The music, ballet barres and mirrors will wait for you in the studio. Now let’s take a look at the suggested pieces of dance training equipment every beginner should own.

The Right Apparel

dance training equipment

Let’s start with the most essential dance training equipment – the apparel. Whether you’re signing up for modern or classical ballet, Latin dance or jazz dance – most types of dance require you to wear a similar set of clothes that consists of tights, leotard and a good top. First of all, you need to make sure that the clothes are made of materials that are form-fitting yet stretchy. This way, they will offer you unrestricted freedom of movement while also allowing your teacher to get a good view of how you move. In addition, it’s also important that they are breathable so that you don’t get too sweaty and uncomfortable. In general, it’s recommended to bring along an extra set of clothes in case you need to change in case of tears, stains or excessive sweating.

Dance Shoes

dance training equipment

Besides wearing the right clothes, it’s also essential to put on shoes that will properly support your movements. Different forms of dance usually require different types of shoes, so make sure you get the ones that suit the class you take. If you’re taking ballroom or Latin dance class, you’ll need shoes with a special type of heel that increases your balance and elevates your back while transferring your weight onto the ball of the foot which gives your movements more elegance. Classical ballet requires you to wear pointe shoes which allow you to stand on your toes without hurting yourself. Tap shoes are designed to produce the distinct sound for tap dancing, and jazz shoes are designed to allow you to flex the foot more easily and provide traction. If you’re not sure about the type of dance shoes you need, ask your dance instructor for a recommendation.


dance training equipment

A towel is one of those pieces of dance training equipment many beginners don’t think to bring along until they get back from their first class. Once you start moving, you’ll also start sweating, regardless of how much deodorant you’ve sprayed on beforehand. Even if it’s cold, do not forget to bring a towel along, as towels are one of those items that you just can’t borrow. So, make sure you have a clean towel ready to give yourself a quick pat between takes. This is especially important if you dance with a partner. Not only will skin covered in sweat feel unpleasant for both of you, but it can also be dangerous when doing lifts. You may also want to pack an additional towel to dry yourself after showering.

Hair Grooming Items

dance training equipment

Dancers that have long hair need to always sport a neat hairstyle that will stay firmly in place no matter what movements they perform. This is especially crucial as having hair getting into your face and disrupting your vision can not only make you perform badly but also cause you to trip and fall. So, make sure to always bring along elastic ties, pins and hairspray to your practice. This also goes when you have a dance recital and need to look professional and neat for the audience. In addition to hair grooming items, when you’re performing in front of an audience, you also need to use stage makeup so that people will be able to notice your facial expressions better. After all, the best dancer is the one that involves their entire body into their performance, including their face.

Water Bottle

dance training equipment

It’s vital to replenish the fluids you lose through sweating during demanding rehearsals, and a water bottle that you can easily refill can really come in handy. If you don’t like drinking plenty of plain water, there are also other healthy alternatives to re-hydrate. In any case, a bottle made of lightweight stainless steel is perfect for packing it in your bag. Never bring along a glass bottle as it can easily break. And no matter how much effort you’ve put into cleaning out your bag, tiny glass shards can still get stuck and seriously hurt you.

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