Vet Beds: The Suggested Bedding for Your Dog Patients

Providing your dog patients with the love and care they deserve is of core importance for your veterinary clinic. Making animals feel better is rewarding and fulfilling and probably one of the main reasons that got you into this profession. One huge part of making your dog patients feel more comfortable and cozy whenever they receive treatment or stop for a routine check-up at your vet clinic is having a soft dog bed that they can rest their paws on. This can help your furry patients feel safe and protected as we all know that a visit to the vet can sometimes be stressful for them.

But having in mind the frequent use of the beds, proper sanitation is paramount in order to remove all the stains and get rid of bacteria different dogs can drag in the beds. That is why it’s better to have bedding that is of high-quality, durable and easy to clean – all of which are important for a vet clinic. This is why you might consider buying a vetbed – an option that ticks all the boxes.

They Retain Heat

This type of dog bed resembles a sheepskin, but it is a is man-made material from artificial fibers. Most vetbeds are made from polyester fleece with high fibre density in order to retain extra heat. This way dogs can feel warm and comfortable all the time, whether being placed in the kennel or out on the floor for a routine check-up. They also come in handy for older dogs as the added head they provide can have a soothing effect on muscles and joints. They are also ideal for animals that are recovering from surgical treatment as one of the most important things after anesthesia is to keep them warm.

Another great thing about vetbeds is that they can wick the moisture away due to them having two sections – an underlying mesh and a comfy and soft fleece part attached to it. Even if liquids find their way through the thick fleece layer, you furry patients will stay dry. In fact, another term for a vetbed is dry bed. Using other options like rugs and blankets means that your patients will have to lay on damp stuff if spills occur.

Harder for Dogs to Chew

Even within the same breed, there are tons of different personalities of dogs you will be meeting every day in your clinic. Some of them like to jump around, play with whatever they find and chew things. Dogs chew when stressed, bored, when they are alone, or simply just for fun. As already mentioned, this type of bed is made from a double weave, making it able to withstand constant abuse from dogs meaning that it won’t tear up easily.

Machine Washable

The chances of dealing with disease transmission are great at vet clinics. Whatever is in a dog’s fur it can be easily transferred to the bed, making the disease transmission a real concern for other dogs that will come after but also for you and your staff. But the good news is that in general, all that is required to prevent disease transmission is to get eliminated of all the bacteria and the pathogens that dogs leave on the beds is frequent washing. However, as mentioned before, not all bedding options can handle frequent washing. Soft beds may look ideal until you put them through the washing machine and the soft stuffing turns into hard, annoying clumps.

A vet bed, on the other hand, can handle frequent washing at higher temperatures, some can be machine washable at up to 90 degrees which is the hottest washing program that you will find on most machines and is the key to killing bacteria. The vetbed won’t lose its shape and look, thus this will save you money in the long run as you won’t have to change old beds often.

Additional Benefits

On a final note, vetbed models usually come in pre-cut sizes so that they can fit the different sizes of cages that you might have. When not in use, these pieces can be easily rolled up and stored aside without taking up a lot of space. Also, with many sellers offering bulk options, you can buy a bigger roll (some even reach 15m) and cut it into pieces to fit the cages, which again can save you money. As for the aesthetics, you can choose among many colors and patterns, whatever pleases you the most. They can be even color-coordinated if that’s what you like to do in your vet clinic.

Mia Hadson

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