Suggestions on Picking the Perfect Spa for Your Home

Taking the time to unwind with the help of warm, bubbling water is something most people treat themselves to only a few times a year. But why not take this creature comfort into your home? If you have the space and budget, there really is no reason not to splurge on a spa. Regularly enjoying the soothing effect of hydrotherapy can be the perfect antidote to a stressful lifestyle. Not to mention the many positive effects in can have for your health, from muscle and joint pain relief to improved circulation. So, if you’re ready to invest in a spa and reap all its wonderful benefits, here are some suggestions on making the right choice for your home.

Rectangular Spa


Spas are available in a variety of shapes, including oval, round, rectangular, square, and even heart. Choosing a shape is more than picking what’s most pleasing to the eye. The shape usually affects whether the spa is suitable for your space and how many people can use it. For instance, a rectangular spa often has more points of entry, more seats and is a good choice for people who want to enjoy the water with family and friends. On the other hand, a square spa can easily fit in a bathroom or a corner if space is limited. Oval and round spas are common choices for backyards and large balconies where space isn’t an issue.

Portable vs Built-in Spas

Whether you opt for an oval or a rectangular spa, you also need to decide whether you want it to be portable or built-in. A portable spa can be moved anywhere you want in your home. For instance, you can place it outside during the summer and then move it into your bathroom or other indoor space if you want to enjoy it during the winter as well. On the other hand, a built-in spa can be a more aesthetically pleasing option as the pump and heater are enclosed inside the surround of the spa. And the fact that it’s a permanent fixture means that it can increase your home’s real-estate value should you ever decide to sell it.


A spa can be made of two materials: natural wood or a combination of fibreglass and polypropylene. Although wooden spas might have a more appealing look, remember that they can be very high-maintenance. When exposed to moisture for long periods of time, wood can expand and wrap. On the other hand, fibreglass and polypropylene spas are more durable and easy to keep clean. What’s more, these spas are often treated with a “Microban” coat that provides continuous antibacterial and anti-fungal protection keeping them safe and hygienic for the people using them.

Mia Hadson

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