Suggestions on When It’s the Right Time for a Tree Removal

Surrounding your home with beautiful greenery and lush trees isn’t only aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also good for you and the environment. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try to take good care of them, sometimes, removing a tree is the only solution you might have in order to avoid disastrous situations.

Now, when it comes to tree care and tree root removal, some jobs can be too demanding or too dangerous to be performed by homeowners themselves. No matter how much experience you have with trees and gardening in general, if you are not a professional, you can’t be 100% sure that you’ll do the job effectively. So, it’s best to leave the job to those who are qualified for this. And just like with everything else, not all tree care companies can provide you with the same level of quality services. So, making sure they are professional and experienced is paramount in order to have a successful tree removal.


Tree & Stump Removal

Some of the most common reasons for tree removal are diseased and unhealthy trees or ones that are in the way of structures or landscapes. However, sometimes tree root removal is needed when a tree is so old that it poses a safety hazard. According to experts, the look of a tree can really tell a lot about its condition and health, so it would be easy for a homeowner to decide when a tree needs to be removed. Usually, this can happen when the tree has deadwood of either the trunk or the branches. Dead branches, in particular, are extremely dangerous because they can fall any time and do a lot of damage to the property and the surrounding area.

The ideal way to go about tree and tree root removal is with the help of a professional arborist. A great number of tree service companies offer a professional tree and stump removal by experienced, knowledgeable and highly trained arborists. Although a great number of homeowners think that this is an easy job that can be performed with the help of a chainsaw, the reality is completely different. The truth is that trees need to be assessed accurately, especially when dealing with an extremely tall tree. Otherwise, you are risking exposing yourself to a dangerous situation that can have a devastating outcome. And even if you succeed in cutting the tree, you’ll still have a lot of work to do. For starters, the first thing would be figuring out how to remove roots after tree removal?! This is paramount, so for all those of you who wonder about ‘do you have to remove tree roots and stumps’ or not, the answer is yes.

tree and stump removal

Although in the past, when a tree was cut down, the stamp was usually left to rot away on its own, these days this practice is not preferred. The main reason for this is because stamps can continue to grow for years even if the tree’s bulk has been removed. In the past, tree removal was done with tractors, but these days this procedure is done with the help of special grinding machines that can completely grind out the stump and its roots. You as a homeowner, have the chance to hire this professional stump grinder or to hire the services of a professional tree removal company.

When comparing these two methods, practice has shown that hiring the services of a professional company is more convenient for numerous reasons. The leading and the most obvious one is that dealing with such machines can be dangerous, especially if not familiar with its work and handling. Accidents can happen with any tool and this one can make some non-repairable damages. Now, if you still want to try and do it on your own, experts recommend trying to burn the stump and its roots rather than trying to dig it out on your own.

tree root removal

How to Remove Large Tree Roots?

Once again, no matter how short you’ve cut the tree/stump, the roots are still there, so removing them is crucial. If the roots are not that large, you might be able to burn them or dig them out, but in case they are too large, you should use the services of a professional stump grinder.

One thing is certain, whether you decide to remove it on your own or by hiring a professional, obtaining proper approval from your local council is crucial. Whether your tree is located on your property or not, you are not allowed to remove it without a permit. Each and every state in Australia has its own rules regarding tree removal, so if not sure what is right or wrong, you should check with your local council.

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