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People who have a sense for fashion are easy to notice. If not by direct eye contact certainly by smell then. They are very much concerned not only with what they wear but with their choice of a perfume as well. If you are a perfume freak, it is not easy to choose your perfume without thoroughly comparing all options first. The best perfume brands come with higher prices that will make you change your mind thousand times before making a decision. That is why most people are always trying to find perfumes on discounts or sales. With perfume industry slowly shifting to the online world, the options to find perfumes at a lower price are even bigger. Nevertheless, even if you are buying you own perfume for the first time or picking out a new one, it will take time. There are many scents to choose from like floral, green, oriental, oceanic, etc. and here, we’ll give a short description on each.


Oceanic perfume

Scents marked as oceanic are usually derive from the ocean and the cool breeze that comes with it. They are very clear and more masculine with hints of sandy beaches and salty water. Examples of these can be Aqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani or Bulgari Aqua.


Oriental perfume

Main ingredients used to create these muskier scents are usually vanilla, cinnamon and some flowers that get along. For people who are addicted to oriental perfumes, Kenzo fragrances are the best choice to start with.

 Floral perfume

This is the most common and biggest category of perfumes on the market. As the name implies it, perfumes in this category contain scents from different flowers. This means larger freedom in experimenting with scents as there are hundreds of flower types around the world. Floral scents are seen as more feminine. There are many exceptional floral scents but we prefer the Gardenia by Elizabeth Taylor and Romance by Ralph Lauren.


Originating from French language, fougere means fun. Scents of this kind are based on the cores of oak, moss or other green and fresh herbs. They are considered more natural and relaxing and the best ones offered are Bursch for men and several Hugo boss perfume samples.

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