The Suggested Mobile Cranes – Part 2

All Terrain Cranes

All terrain cranes are capable of traveling on any type of road and under any weather conditions. This means that the all terrain crane can operate even on rough terrains. The all terrain crane is ideal for construction job sites with uneven surface, because it has all-wheel and crab steering system which increases the flexibility and the versatility of the crane. To have a simple machine for operations on various construction or development projects is very important for every construction crew, and that’s why the all terrain cranes are the No.1 choice for many construction companies. These cranes are specifically designed with flanged wheels for movement even on railroad tracks. Many say that the all terrain cranes combine the unique features of the of truck-mounted cranes and rough terrain cranes. Usually the all terrain cranes have lifting capacity of around 1200 tonnes.

Knuckle-Boom Cranes

Knuckle-boom cranes, also known as loader cranes, are hydraulically powered cranes with articulated arm which is mounted on a trailer or on a truck. They are used for special tasks, such as loading and unloading of vehicles, and they are not like other crane models. The loader crane has several jointed section, depending on the model. These sections need to be folded when the crane is not running. Some of the jointed sections can be telescopic, and they are often automatically operated. Still, the operator must be near the crane to take care of the load. The knuckle-boom cranes are lightweight and can transport heavy loads.


Sidelift Cranes

Sidelift cranes, or sidelifters, are machines used for lifting and moving ISO standard containers. A sidelifter uses hydraulically powered crane which is mounted at the rear end of a truck, and parallel hoists to lift containers from the ground or from other vehicles. The chassis of the crane varies from 10 to 15 meters in length, meaning that they are capable of lifting and moving large containers.

Carry Deck Cranes

Described as small and compact mobile cranes, the carry deck cranes are mounted on wheels and can rotate their boom for 360 degrees. The carry deck cranes can be either electric-hydraulic or diesel-hydraulic, and they are an American invention. These cranes can operate in tight areas and can transport loads with their small built-in decks. Generally, the carry-deck cranes are used on ships and boats for cargo lifting operations.

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