The Suggested Tent For Your Camping Getaways

Camping with friends and family is one of the best pastime activities, regardless whether you’re camping at a campground which is an attraction on its own, or in the wilderness where you’ll focus on activities and the company you go with. Today, more and more people are tempted to give camping a try, but they’re oftentimes stressed about the logistics.


Even buying a tent can be troublesome for the inexperienced camper, as there are thousands of different tents from different manufacturers. So how do you decide which tent is ideal for your needs? Well, it’s actually quite easy to pick one, as long as you know how many people you’ll frequently be sharing it with and which seasons you’ll most frequently camp.

Tent Size & Capacity

First and foremost, you need to decide on the tent’s size. You’ll come across 2, 4, and up to 10 man tents for sale. However, it’s not only the people you should take into account when considering the tent size – you might need extra space for gear, pets, or any items that may need to be stored. There isn’t any industry standard that defines per-person tent dimensions, as people come in different sizes, they toss and turn at night, and some people are claustrophobic and may require more space. Regardless, you’ll easily find up to 10 man tents for sale, which is usually more than enough to house a group of people.


Tent Seasonality

Next, tents are oftentimes classified by the number of seasons they’re meant for. The most popular type are 3 season tents, which are ideal for camping during fall, summer and spring. These tents usually feature an ample mesh panel which boosts the air flow within the tent and keeps pests out. Moreover, 3 season tents can withstand downpours and keep you dry during light snow and rain. However, they aren’t all that great for sustained exposure to heavy snow, strong winds or harsh storms.

Four season tents are made to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions, like fierce winds and heavy snow. These tents are usually used for mountaineer camping in any season. Their main characteristic is that they’ll stand firm in any inhospitable weather. All season tents are made from heavier fabrics and more poles than 3 season tents are, and they usually feature a rounded dome design to prevent rain and snow from collecting on the roof. Additionally, they feature rainflies and mesh panels which hinders ventilation and can make them feel stuffy and warm in mild weather.

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