The Suggested Tote Bag & Beach Essentials

When you’re going out for coffee or drinks in a bar or to a restaurant, you can survive if you forget something from your lady bag, like the lip gloss for example. But, heading to the beach on a hot summer day without having your beach essentials perfectly arranged in your tote (large tote ladies, extra large if possible), is definitely not acceptable. It’s silly and it’s like condemning your skin, hair and overall mood on a perfect sunny day by the sea. And as fashionably mature and aware women we can’t allow that to happen, can we?

First things first; if you don’t have it, start looking for it: a large tote bag in which you can arrange all your beach essentials. That means, the largest from all tote bags Australia online retailers offer; since you’re going to need to put a towel and a large bottle of water in it, among other things.

So, lets list the basic things you’ll need to have with you to have the perfect beach day.

tote beach bag

The tote bag

As I said, you will need the largest from all tote bags Australia online retailers have to offer. Trust me, you want a large tote, because if you have to carry bottles of water in a plastic bag then you are not going to relax on the beach; instead you will constantly think whether you took that extra bag from your car or you didn’t. Choose something like a basket bag, made of straws and polyester for example.


A beach hat

Exposing your head and hair to the burning sun is a beauty sin. You must have a beach hat! Whether it’s a wide-brimmed one or the baseball cap from your hubby, you decide. Still, keep it stylish: if you are wearing a feminine beach dress in the form of a shirt, get a wide-brim hat, and if you are wearing shorts than a sporty cap or a small cowboy hat should be just perfect.



Please don’t make me elaborate on the most important stylish/protective accessory piece you should have with you while on the beach! Going to the beach without sunglasses is like going to a yoga class in your jeans instead of yoga pants.


Hydration is key for surviving the sun and the heat on a long summer day on the beach. Make sure you have at least one large bottle of water in your tote bag; if you take more than one you’re risking for the water in the other bottle to become so hot that it will be no longer drinkable.

Pleasant distractions

I know it is silly to say that you need to be distracted on the beach: the sea with all its perfection in front of you, perfect beach bodies parading around you, somewhere there is a bar with music and people dancing and partying, and some are playing beach volley, which is a distraction by itself. But, if you are planning to spend the entire day on the beach (and there’s no way you’ll be amused by simply staring at people and the still water the entire time), make sure you take a book or a magazine with you. Or, if you are a fan, a crossword puzzle will make time fly.

Mia Hadson

Mia is a passionate blogger. Her obsession with beauty, health and shopping started young. Her philosophy is based on simple things, regardless of whether it is about applying makeup, decorating a room or cleaning a home. She believes simplicity is the basis of beauty and she implements this ideology in all spheres of her life.