The Suggested Types of Ford Ranger Exhausts

Most of us are well aware of the inner workings of an exhaust system and what’s its main purpose, however, not everyone knows what type of system their vehicle needs. Yes, there are different types of exhaust systems that offer different levels of performance. If you have a vehicle like the Ford Ranger you definitely need to explore your options as there are quite a few. Here’s a quick explanation of every exhaust type for your Ranger.


Single Exit

This type of exhaust system is pretty straightforward and as the name implies, it has only one exit. Since single exit systems have the lowest manufacturing cost and are pretty easy to install – they are the most commonly used Ford Ranger exhausts. They aren’t the most efficient option out there but they can still do the job just fine.

Dual Rear Exit

This exhaust system is a bit more complex and kicks up the performance up a notch by having two exits, but everything else is still the same. The result of installing this exhaust is that it will make your Ranger sound like a sports car. You will definitely get a deeper tone which will make your engine sound more attractive and unlike a single exit system, you will get a greater increase in efficiency.

Dual Side

To be honest, this one may sound the same as the Dual Rear system, but there is a minor difference in the positioning of the exhaust exits. It also has two exists but they come together on one side of the vehicle. This one resembles the high-performance exhaust in the deeper tone it produces and the very high vehicle efficiency.


Opposite Dual

This type of system is also somewhat similar to the dual rear Ford Ranger exhausts but there is one thing that gives it the upper hand – the piping bends around the wheels which makes for a better filtering process, making this type of system ideal for large tow trucks. This is due to the fact that the system won’t leave any residue on the trailer simply because both exits face the sides rather than the rear of the vehicle.


High-performance exhausts may be the most expensive on the market but they sure bring the best out of your vehicle. They outperform every single one of the above-mentioned systems but require you to make changes to the manifold and get one with wider piping. Wider pipes reduce pressure which helps increase engine performance and turns your ride in the beast that it’s supposed to be.

Aiden Jones

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