The Suggested Types Of Wheel Loaders

The loader is very important machine for completing different kinds of jobs in various industry sectors like: construction, farming, landscaping, etc. They are multipurpose machines equipped with a bucket at the front, and are capable of scooping, digging, carrying and dumping. In the construction industry, the loaders are used for loading, unloading and moving construction materials from one place to another. In landscaping, the loaders are generally used for clearing the site from bushes and debris. Loaders feature incredible mobility, less traction and greater speed, while the tires provide high maneuverability on the ground. Moreover, wheel loaders are very versatile.


The front and rear axles can handle more weight, thanks to the hydraulic steering system which comes as a standard feature in most wheel loaders models. The bucket for some wheel loaders can be replaced with other attachments. This way wheel loaders can be used for completing different kinds of jobs. But not all wheel loaders are designed with the same specifications and configurations. Generally, wheel loaders are categorized into two groups: heavy-weight and light-weight wheel loaders.

Heavy Wheel Loaders – This category includes wheel loaders with weight of over 20 tonnes and over 230 horsepower for powerful performance. The heavy wheel loader category includes: front end loaders, bucket loaders, backhoe loaders, scoop loaders and other useful wheel loaders. These wheel loaders are capable of performing and completing a variety of tasks, and can be equipped with a heavy scoop shovel for carrying and transporting materials, digging and clearing debris. For snowy conditions during cold winters, the heavy wheel loaders can be used for clearing huge amounts of snow, because they can dig even through thick layers of snow.

Light Wheel Loaders – Unlike the heavy-weight wheel loaders, the light-weight wheel loaders are significantly smaller and feature 20-50 horsepower. This category includes compact utility and mini loaders, which are most commonly used by farmers, ranchers or private owners. One great advantage of the light-weight wheel loaders is that their compact design allows them to be used even inside enclosed spaces. Also, various attachments that can be used with light-weight wheel loaders which is why they are ideal for carrying and transporting light materials, lifting pallets, transporting hay bales and similar landscaping and farming jobs.

Buying a wheel loader is a costly, but worthy investment, thus choose the model and type that will best match your job requirements. Browse online for available wheel loaders for sale In Australia.

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