The Suggested Way To Choose The Right Attachment For Your Wheel Loader

Wheeled loader, or also known as front end loader, is a piece of construction equipment used in the construction industry for moving materials from ground level and loading it on dump trucks. It consists of a big bucket tucked on the front that scoops and loads various material. Although they are mainly preferred in the construction, wheeled loaders have other non-construction related uses. Without a wheeled loader at a construction site, transferring huge and heavy loads would be a huge concern. That is why wheeled loaders are used for various tasks. Depending on a task, different wheel loader attachments are used.


Before buying an attachment for your wheeled loader, it is best to contact the dealer or a supplier you purchased it from. He should be able to give you more info on the wheeled loader including which attachments would best work with it. Tell in details everything you are planning to perform with your wheeled loader, because it will surely influence the advice your distributor will give you when buying the attachments. You need to know exactly how your wheel loader drives, brakes, steers and lifts, as anything can influence the performance of certain attachment.

Wheeled loaders support various attachments, but it is important to pay extra attention to the flow requirements of particular attachment. For example, if the hydraulic specifications of the wheeled loader do not meet the requirements of the attachment, know that the attachment will not work properly and efficiently. In this case, operational system of the wheeled loader can minimize the productivity and efficiency of the attachment and may even cut the hydraulic flow to the attachment.

Different attachment works differently on different wheeled loader model. Continuous-flow attachments are designed to be used on loaders with high flow auxiliary hydraulic or dedicated auxiliary hydraulic. If your wheeled loader model does not feature this option, then do not purchase continuous-flow attachment as they would best work on larger models. Unfortunately, larger construction equipment require bigger space in order to complete a task, which in return will increase the operating cost as your maintenance and fuel costs will be higher. Keep in mind that attachments are mainly designed for smaller, compact machines and may not fit perfectly on larger wheeled loaders.

Aiden Jones

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