Tomahawk Throwing: A Suggested Way to Hunt if You’re Looking for a Challenge

One of the earliest weapons/tools ever designed by humans were small, stone-headed axes, and as time went by and the iron age came around, the stone heads were replaced with metal heads and sturdy handles, and axes became even more broadly used. Here we are now, thousands of years later, and the design of axes has pretty much stayed the same because you don’t fix what’s not broken. Nowadays, people use axes for chopping and splitting wood, for hunting, and a wide range of other applications.

Now I know what you’re thinking: Who in their right mind would use an axe for hunting, when you have rifles that are much more effective and reliable? Well, plenty of people use throwing axes for hunting, as it brings forth a brand new set of challenges which bring a lot of excitement. However, you can’t take the wood chopping axe you already own, bring it on your next hunt and expect any results. You need a special type of throwing axe for hunting, and one of the most popular models is the cold steel throwing tomahawk axe.

cold steel throwing tomahawk 2
That being said, choosing the right cold steel throwing tomahawk is essential. In order to do so, you need to consider your reach and height as a factor. For beginners, lighter tomahawks are the best-suited option, as it will allow you to get a better stance when throwing. Additionally, you need to factor in the handle’s length and make sure it’s just right for your reach because it will affect the impact of your throw.

Your stance should be level and upright with your feet standing comfortably side by side, similar to the stance you’d have when throwing a ball. Some people feel more comfortable having one foot in front of the other, with most of their weight resting on the extended foot instead of the one behind. You should grip the tomahawk same to how you’d grip a hammer. Raise your arms straight without bending the shoulders, with the tomahawk held straight so it doesn’t wobble when you throw it. The two most important aspects of the throw for beginners are speed and power, with accuracy becoming a priority once you master them.

It’s recommended that your practice your throwing on a still target before you move on to hunting moving targets because you’ll find out that it’s quite difficult and it takes a lot of practice to get it right. However, once you master tomahawk throwing, you’ll get a lot more satisfaction out of hunting than you would when hunting with a rifle.

Aiden Jones

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