The Suggested Ways To Restore Antiques

Decorating homes with antique furniture and unique antique accessories became a trend in recent years because of the elegant and royal look. However, with time, the original look of antiques fades which is why antique restoration should be done to preserve the antiques for generations to come. Some antiques require wood, glass, leather or fabric antique restoration skills that only trained antiques restorer have. Thus, it is very important to find an antique-trained and experienced antiques restorer. But why hire a professional antiques restorer, and not do the antique restoration on your own? It is simple. Antique restoration process, if not done properly, can change the look of the antiques and even damage them. This will significantly lower the value of particular antique piece. Here are some of the suggested ways to restore antiques and preserve their beauty.

Restore Antiques

Refinishing – Antique restoration means preserving the antique piece in its original form. Refinishing on the other hand, slightly changes the original look of antiques. This antique restoration technique is done on wooden, glass, plastic and metal antique pieces. When an antique restorer refinishes the antique wood piece, it means he is trying to improve it, but will also permanently change the valuable antique. This is the main reason refinishing is not recommended for pieces that are inherited or have been bought as an investment.

Missing Parts – One of the suggested ways to restore antiques is to replace the missing parts. Professional and highly skilled antique restorer should be able to replace the missing parts through a mold process. He/She presses a compound similar to clay to the original part in order to duplicate and make a mold that is later filled with plaster. The plaster mold is then sent to a good woodworker that can make it look like the original piece. The replacement pieces must match the original in order not to significantly change the look of an antique, which can lower its value.

Maintenance – If you are like the antique furniture piece you’ve inherited, then it is best not to do any antique restoration and leave the piece as it is. Even with the flaws, the antique piece is far more valuable. If you are satisfied with the look of your antiques, but would like to refresh them, simply clean them. It is best to use lemon oil. Put some lemon oil on a clean soft cotton cloth and gently rub your antiques. This will help clean the pieces and leave them shiny and beautiful.

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