What Makes Oakley Lenses, Sunglasses and Glasses the Suggested Eyewear?

In the eyewear world, Oakley is synonymous with luxury, and their glasses are much more than a fashion accessory. From Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston and James Marsden (Cyclops in X-Men 3) to members of the Royal Family like Prince William and Kate, it may seem like that the rich and famous are the ones dictating fashion again. But in reality, that can’t be further than the truth.

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Oakley eyewear is the go-to choice for all the cool and classy individuals who have an eye for quality. The brand features a huge selection of glasses, sunglasses and Oakley lenses, which makes it rather accessible to everyday Joes and Janes as well. That being said, there are many reasons why you should get Oakley eyewear or invest in Oakley lenses to revamp your old sunnies. Here are the two game-changing technologies that put Oakley above their competition.

The Oakley PRIZM Lens Technology

Having lenses that are fine-tuned to match the environment you’re in was unprecedented until 2014. Oakley engineers spent over 15 years researching and developing the PRIZM lens technology by measuring the visible light spectrum in different environments and studying the human eye to see how it responds and how the different colours affect what we see. Then, they designed a specific dye to match each environment, which manipulates the light spectrum and improves contrast to make everything more vivid and easier to see. Many other brands are still struggling to catch up to this 6-year-old technology from Oakley.


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The Oakley HDPolarized Technology

This is a patented technology that offers optimal glare protection and blocks as much as 99% of reflective glare. That is due to the fact that every set of lenses is made at the same time to ensure the axis of polarisation is centred across both lenses. Most other brands manufacture their lenses at different times, which results in the axis of polarisation being thrown off, thus allowing more glare to pass through them. This can easily result in eye fatigue and a ruined day.

Can You Buy Replacement Lenses for Oakley Sunglasses?

Absolutely! Oakley has made it convenient to change lenses and revive your sunglasses. They offer lenses for all of their frames and you can completely customise your look, or swap out the lenses to suit variable light conditions. Their lenses are easy to swap. All you have to do is hold the frames vertically with the lenses facing out, put your thumb on the inside and two fingers on the outside, find a corner and apply light pressure while tugging the frame from the right and left. Once you’ve removed the old lens, you can put the new ones by flipping the frames around so that the outside of the lenses are facing you. Next, slowly push the lens into the frame by lining up the corners of the lens with the frame. When you get to the last corner, you’ll need to apply slightly more pressure until you hear the lens “snap” into place.

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Where to Buy Oakley Replacement Lenses?

Taking into account how popular Oakley eyewear is, you can find replacement lenses for their frames almost anywhere. Shopping for them online is especially convenient, and you can find countless Australian retailers. You can also find a decent amount of lenses and eyewear at your local optical store.

Are There Oakley Prescription Sunglasses?

Absolutely, most Oakley sunglasses are also available with custom prescription lenses to make sure you see better while doing what you love. If you’re mountain biking and have special gear and clothes that you wear while riding, it makes sense to have specific glasses too, right? Oakley sunglasses that incorporate PRIZM Trail lenses can help you spot rocks, roots and dips on time so that you can maneuver through them and have safer and more enjoyable riding experience.

With that said, Oakley has earned their reputation of quality, and they aren’t just worn by Hollywood stars and royalty. They’ve been made popular and are the eyewear of choice for many athletes in a variety of sports. Over 100 Olympics medalists have chosen Oakley for the quality and performance they offer. And remember the 33 Chilean miners who were rescued after spending more than 2 weeks trapped in a mine back in 2010? They were also given Oakley sunglasses to protect their eyes in order to prevent their retinas from getting damaged from reaching daylight after spending so much time underground with no light.

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