The Suggested Types of Ford Ranger Exhausts

Most of us are well aware of the inner workings of an exhaust system and what’s its main purpose, however, not everyone knows what type of system their vehicle needs. Yes, there are different types of exhaust systems that offer different levels of performance. If you have a vehicle like the Ford Ranger you definitely… continue reading →

Rodeo dump pipe

What Makes Dump Pipes Highly Suggested for Turbocharged Vehicles

Most vehicles come with the latest exhaust system technology right off the factory. Brands such as Holden, Ford, Toyota and others have proven over the years that they’re capable of creating vehicles that are both eco-friendly and cost-effective. However, as your vehicle gets older, and as technology keeps advancing at such a rapid pace, getting… continue reading →


The Suggested Accessories That Every Pick-up Could Benefit From

Customizing your vehicle in order to improve certain aspects has been a time honoured tradition among car lovers ever since one car owner told the other “my exhaust is bigger than yours”. Luckily though, not all modifications are made simply for visual appeal or because someone didn’t like the particular bumper the car already came… continue reading →