Change the oil frequently

Suggested Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Truck In Top Condition

Poorly maintained truck is one of the main reasons for road accidents. Therefore, a proper maintenance is required if you want to keep your truck in good condition and to minimize the risk of unexpected accidents. Proper maintenance is not only important for preventing accidents, but also to prolong the truck’s life. Wondering what “proper… continue reading →

The suggested pre purchase vehicle inspection

Buying a new car requires more attention than you would think. In general, looks is the most common factor that drives people when buying a certain car model because most people don’t really understand different engine types and detail characteristics of a car. Not that knowing such information is of great importance, but before you… continue reading →

The Suggested Service for a new vehicle

No matter how long you think your new car will last until it’s first service, you have to be prepared and know where to take it for repair. The dilemma will always be whether you should take it to one of manufacturer auto shops or local garage mechanics. Off course, it seems that official manufacturers… continue reading →