Skateboarding 101: How to Know Which Skate Shoes to Choose

Since today there are literally hundreds of pairs of skateboard shoes on the market, choosing the right ones for you can be a truly difficult task, especially if you’ve just entered the exciting world of skateboarding. That’s precisely why I’ve decided to write a short but informative and thus useful article about the things you… continue reading →


The Tips I Suggest You Don’t Skip Before Diving Deep

Diving has always been a pretty challenging activity for me; it requires great physical strength to fight the water pressure that doesn’t allow you to move freely, an ability to control your breathing and to work with the breathing system, and of course, to be able to orientate yourself and not panic in case something… continue reading →

faith like potatoes

Faith Like Potatoes – Suggested Faith-Inspiring Movie

Faith Like Potatoes is a South African autobiographical movie which tells the story of a white racist farmer, and is based on a book written by Angus Buchan. The book “Faith Like Potatoes” was published in 1998, and the South African biographical drama was produced in 2006. The movie was directed by Regardt van den… continue reading →