Faith Like Potatoes – Suggested Faith-Inspiring Movie

Faith Like Potatoes is a South African autobiographical movie which tells the story of a white racist farmer, and is based on a book written by Angus Buchan. The book “Faith Like Potatoeswas published in 1998, and the South African biographical drama was produced in 2006. The movie was directed by Regardt van den Bergh and was produced by Frans Cronje from Global Creative Studios. The main characters in the movie are played by Frank Rautenbach, Sean Michael Cameron, Jeanne Wilhelm and Hamilton Ghlamini.

faith like potatoes


The focus of the movie Faith Like Potatoes is on Angus Buchan, a racist white farmer, who together with his family moves from Zambia to South Africa, because he beat a black driver with no mercy. This triggered Africans to start a riot and to kill white farmers who were treating them as slaves. Angus is forced to move to South Africa. However, the situations there wasn’t much different from the one in Zambia. In fact, the move made life even harder for Angus. In Suth Africa, he is forced to work so hard that his life begins to collapse.

As result of the overwhelming obstacles, his wife Jill decides to take him to a breakfast in the local church. It is then that his life will take a different turn. What made Angus come to Christ were the salvation messages that have touched his soul deeply. The chronicle of Buchan’s Christian faith comes to light after an unpleasant event in which a black girl gets hit by lighting. Angus Buchan starts praying innocently for her. Suddenly, the black girl, hit by a lighting, comes back to life. Encouraged by this event, Angus decides to rent the town hall with intention to hold a crusade, but his idea was not supported by the local clergy.

The biggest challenge for Angus Buchan in Faith like Potatoes, comes when he runs over his nephew with a tractor. This simply crushes his spirits and it is questionable whether he will survive this worst drought. Faith like Potatoes features authentic and powerful performances that make the movie exciting and gripping. For the aforementioned fact, Faith like Potatoes deserves to be seen by as wide as an audience as possible. You will be pleased to be a part of such great faith-inspiring story.

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