5 Suggested Tips to Spice Up Your Sex Life and Impress Your Partner

Men are simple creatures. All they want is a loving and caring partner they can share experiences and have a good conversation with. However, that doesn’t mean that a fiery sex life is completely out of the equation. Keeping the excitement alive between the sheets is a vital part of any healthy relationship.

As it happens though, after some time passes you find yourself doing the same old thing and it starts feeling more like a routine than a passionate act. Many couples face this problem at some point in their relationship, but luckily, it isn’t something that you can’t fix. With the right pieces of advice, you too can awaken your hidden sex appeal and arouse your partner.

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Do It with the Lights On

In today’s modern world, we’re all insecure about our bodies to some extent which may keep us from enjoying wearing sexy lingerie for women. Everywhere you look, you can see images of what the “perfect woman” should look like, according to society, and these images are nowhere near the truth.

During this vulnerable act where you’re completely exposed to your partner, you often think of your flaws and get self-conscious about your body. However, studies show that men don’t notice any of these flaws until you verbalize them. In fact, the opposite is true! In these moments, your partner is marvelling at all of your beauty and wants to see your body and the way you move clearly. So don’t shy away from the lights the next time you’re getting it on.

To get more comfortable and increase your confidence in these moments, get the help from stunning and sexy lingerie for women. It will help you unleash your inner goddess and leave your man speechless. A little bit of confidence goes a long way when the spotlight is on you. These lacey and provocative pieces help to accentuate your features.

Their designs smoothly outline your curves and come with cheeky openings that let you get wild without needing to take them off. This is a common problem with basic lingerie. The act of undressing can stall the process and sometimes ruin the overall mood and excitement.

If you’re ready to take your well-lit performance to the next level, give roleplay a chance. The suspense and mental stimulation additionally increase the excitement between the two of you. Strap your man down and play out a doctor-patient scenario. If your partner is usually the dominant one, pick out a schoolgirl outfit from the wide range of sexy lingerie for women. This will immediately get his blood rushing and make him want you even more.

Get Frisky Out of Bed

Another thing that can spice up your intimate adventures is variety. Resorting to your bedroom for sex is bound to make things boring after some time. A little change of scenery can increase the excitement and make things more interesting for the two of you. Get that faux bear-skin rug and get wild next to your fireplace. Strap him down on the couch or use the kitchen table. The advantage here is that you get to experiment with different poses that you couldn’t pull off in the bedroom.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Foreplay

Quickies are convenient and popular for getting things done, but they have their time and place. Couples that continuously move on to the main course and skip foreplay often face problems during sex. Foreplay gives you the opportunity to emotionally connect with your partner on a deeper level. This, in turn, increases the arousal during sex and makes you both more comfortable.

Have a conversation about foreplay with your partner and share your preferences. Ask him about where he’d like to be touched or whether he wants to include dirty talk in the prelude. Another great way to start things off is by playing a game of undressing. Put on your sexy womens lingerie and watch him get filled with excitement as if he’s unwrapping a present.

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Be Vocal

I’m not suggesting any fake porn-star moans, but men like to know when you’re enjoying yourself. Relax yourself and say what comes naturally to you at the moment. Certain words and sounds will make him go wild with excitement. The key to this is to just let go and not restrain yourself. There’s no right or wrong during sex talk because what you think might make the whole thing weird can, in fact, boost the experience for both of you.

Include Sex Toys

If you thought that you should only use sex toys when you’re doing it solo – think again! Incorporating sex toys is proven to increase the pleasure for both partners during sex same as wearing sexy womens lingerie. One of the most popular types of sex toys that you can include for your next mischievous adventure are butt plugs.

The anus is a remarkable source of pleasure, and these toys are cleverly shaped for that function. But – how do I choose a butt plug? When shopping for a butt plug you need to take into consideration its size and material. Firstly, go for the size that is comfortable for you. If you don’t have a lot of experience, try going for a smaller one.

Secondly, make sure that the toy is lab certified and body safe. As with all sex toys, you should be extremely cautious about what you put inside your body. Lastly, don’t forget to get the right lubricant. Anal stimulation without using a lubricant is a big no-no. It can cause discomfort and quickly ruin your mood for the night.

Mia Hadson

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