Baby Nests: Help Your Baby Snuggle Up Safely

Having a baby means adjusting your entire home to their needs. A baby crib, a complete makeover of the nursery, the suggested type of baby stroller and what not. But have you considered buying a baby snuggle nest?

Maybe it seems like a new thing to you (perhaps you even wonder why you would need one when you already have a crib), but a baby nest can help you in many ways. In the past few years, baby nests became very popular. The compact nest makes sure your baby feels secure and safe and the oval shape and raised edges would make the child feel like they’re in the womb again. This is a crucial thing for the child to relax and nap a bit longer.

So, if you haven’t got one yet, perhaps you’d want to buy a comfy baby nest for your little one. Or, if you’re about to go to a baby shower at a friends’ or relatives’ this would make some of the most unique gifts you can give them (and very practical as well). Let’s see why this is a great choice for a newborn.

Comfortable Place to Rest


First of all, this isn’t actually a bed. It is a safe and comfortable place to chill and nap, but this is certainly not an actual crib. The child will be snuggled and relaxed in it and would make thing easier for the parent. For instance, you can feed them or simply lie together and rest on the sofa, without having to put the child in the crib. Often, when parents put the baby in the crib, they wake up and cry. This way the baby can snuggle up and sleep while your arms are free. You will be sure the child would feel at home, wherever you go. So, no more worries if the baby will be able to sleep if you take them to your parents’ house.

Safe, Portable, Adjustable


This is quite a new product on the market and you probably wonder if it’s safe? The answer is yes. The baby nest was specially designed to keep the child safe from harm. There aren’t any sharp edges. The entire surface is soft and manufacturers use breathable materials (like for instance, air mesh) that would allow the air to flow through the nest, maintaining a comfortable temperature and keeping the child from overheating.

Things to Consider When Buying


First of all the nest should be made of safe and child-friendly materials. Be sure to pick natural fabrics that have certificates such as Oeko-Tex standard 100 product class 1 certified material. This way you can be sure that you’re getting the highest standard and full safety for your child. Check if it was tested and how. The softness on both sides should be pleasant. However, the mattress of the nest shouldn’t be extremely soft; It should provide the child with enough support and prevent them from sinking in.

Many parents wonder how long will they be able to use the nest. These accessories come in various sizes. If you’re looking for a nest for a newborn, seek models that are smaller. If your baby is a bit older or you simply want to use the nest for a longer time, seek larder models.

How to Use It?


Today doctors recommend babies to sleep on their backs. When you put the baby on their back, you’re decreasing the risk of SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome). In the nest, the child should be placed on their back and since the nest features a raised edge, there’s no chance for them to turn over on their stomach. Be sure to place the baby nest bed near or higher than your head if you’re bringing it into your bed; This way you reduce the risk of blankets covering the child’s head (which could be dangerous as it can cause suffocating).

Keep in mind that the nest should always be placed on a flat surface. It’s important that you don’t carry the baby inside the nest. Place the baby with their head pointed at the end of the baby nest. Place a blanket up to the baby’s stomach (never higher). Since this isn’t a bed, it can be used to help your kid enjoy some ‘free time’ under your supervision. The baby can be in the nest while you sing to them or feed them, or simply play with them.

Use the nest as a place for your newborn for the moments when the family gathers around. You can even give your baby a massage to their feet and legs while in the nest. It’s a great way to put your kid near you while you do yoga or other activity. Also, the nest can be placed near a window so the kid can observe the outside world (if the weather is nice, you can even put the nest outside on the balcony or porch and enjoy your parent-baby time in fresh air).

Mia Hadson

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