Suggested 4×4 Accessories Before Heading to Your Next Adventure

Different drivers upgrade their 4×4 for different reasons. Some prefer to upgrade the interior with seat covers for it to be easy on the eye and comfortable, while others don’t stop searching for ways to increase the vehicle’s performance. But at the end of the day, both comfort and functionality are very important.

Before heading into the outback or even before driving a long distance on a well-paved open highway, you first need to check everything is in order with the engine and the vital parts. If you find vulnerabilities, you’ve got work on your hands. If not, then you can play around with accessories that can allow you to make the most of your vehicle. Here are some of our suggestions.

roof racks

Roof Racks

Many start accessorizing their 4WDs from the roof. The reasons are quite simple: add more storage space so you can bring everything you need to make your adventure as comfortable as possible. Enter: roof racks.

You can use them to transport tools, ladders and variety of equipment. And on the weekends you can load them with sporting goods (surfboards, bikes, kayaks and the like) and camping gear and escape the city. Those after prolonged off-road adventures are well versed in making the most of this accessory. When they add a roof basket or a roof cage, then it can take jerry cans, recovery tracks, LPG canisters and everything else you don’t want to cram inside.

When it comes to materials, the most durable ones are from steel. However heavy-duty alloy is often the best choice due to being lightweight. When it comes to shape and size, a universal roof rack for 4WD is usually compatible with upwards of 20 models of vehicles. You need to take a closer look at the load rating on the roof rail bars because if you don’t you can curve them, and nobody wants that.

Some blokes are concerned about the installation process and whether roof racks can damage your car? Well, they can if you fail to install them improperly. To avoid the issue you can use the help of an experienced fitter. Of course, if you overload them, if you over or under torque them then you are putting yourself in a position where damage can result from carrying the load on the auto roof rails. The durability of an off road roof rack is quite decent if you take good care of it.

4x4 roof racks

Recovery Tracks and Boards

Getting bogged down in the sand is no fun. Before heading off road, make sure you equip your 4WD with essential recovery accessories. Fixing an internal problem with your 4×4 requires some essential car tools. However, if you get stuck, you’ll only need a shovel when you use your recovery tracks. The idea is to put a few tracks in front of the wheel so that it can latch on and drive out of a tight spot.

Traction recovery boards and made of engineering-grade nylon that is UV resistant and tough. The design of its surface delivers momentum traction via configuration consisting of grooves and cleats.

Now, these traction grips will be spending most of their time in storage. That’s why you need to pay attention to their portability. If you are looking at tracks that can be folded, that can be stacked and that have multiple handles for easy handling – you are on the right track, pun intended. Having strong keyhole points for mounting strategically placed helps too.

Two Way Handheld UHF Radio

Two Way Handheld UHF Radio

Packing a two-way radio is always a good idea when you go on an adventure. Especially if the adventure turns awry and your team needs coordinated effort to get out. Like for instance, if you get stuck and can’t manage to get out despite the help of your recovery kit.

You don’t need to be in trouble to make good use of a handheld radio. If you leave the base camp (and your 4×4) or the group splits along separate ways on bikes, then you can keep in touch with the help of a UHF radio. It sure does sound better than struggling to find network coverage with your mobile phone.

When picking such a communication system, you need to look for extended battery life. You can always bring spare batteries, however, look for a device that runs on rechargeable batteries as it’s more cost-efficient to recharge than to buy new batteries.

In terms of audio signal quality, having a decent squelch control is crucial. Look at the range and the channel scanning capabilities because you want to have more options when choosing airwaves for traffic. Some blokes appreciate a backlit display on the hand-piece. You can go way beyond if extra features are important to you. Some models include LED torches, keypad locks and customisable call tone alerts.

Aiden Jones

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