Decorating With Antiques: Add Some Vintage Flair and Bring Charm to Your Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom design and décor, most people tend to overlook the aesthetical appearance of this area and focus on the functional features. And as much as having a large bathtub with massage jets is beyond great, have in mind that your experience won’t be as enjoyable if your bathroom area isn’t a pleasant space to spend time at.

Talking about elevating the aesthetic of your bathroom area, antique styled bathrooms aren’t only something we see in movies. In fact, with a little bit of enthusiasm and a couple of fixtures and accessories, you can turn your basic bathroom into a vintage and charming area. Have no clue where to start from? Don’t worry, here are some expert ideas on how to decorate your bathroom with antiques to achieve that vintage glamour.

Make a Statement with Antique Tapware

Bathroom taps and faucets’ purpose is far beyond providing you with cold and hot water when taking a bath. In fact, these fixtures are your secret weapon for creating a focal point and a stylish bathroom area without paying an entire fortune for renovating everything from scratch. So, whether you’re looking for a new statement-making element or you want to refresh your vintage bathroom with a new accent detail, it’s time to pull up your sleeves and explore the range of antique style taps to elevate the entire aesthetic.

Talking about antique styled tapware, you for sure want to choose something gorgeous that will give your bathroom the ultimate vintage spice. To achieve this, make sure you skip any modern or contemporary design featuring sharp and straight lines and edges and go for the traditional gooseneck faucet or an elegant set featuring crosshead handles.

antique style taps

Except for the design, the tapware’s finish can also make or break the entire antique aesthetic and the flow of the other vintage elements in your bathroom. And when it comes to vintage and antique style taps, anything featuring a matte finish won’t work with the other bathroom décor elements. On the other hand, glossy finishes are ideal to give your bathroom just the right dose of luxury and a warm vintage charm.

For instance, for bathrooms where neutral shades such as blacks, whites, greys and even muted green and dark blues are dominant, it’s best to go for a lovely set of gold or bronze traditional style taps. This way, you won’t only break the monotony of the neutral shades, but you’ll also give your bathroom an eye-catchy detail that will steal the attention from any imperfection you want to hide.

On the other hand, if your bathroom design features warm pops of colours, make sure you don’t overwhelm the entire space with eye-catchy tap finishes and choose something more neutral instead. For instance, black shiny designs are perfect to give an additional dose of elegance and luxury to any bathroom featuring vintage red, orange or yellow shades. On the other hand, if you want to “calm down” these tones, traditional tapware featuring chrome finishes will work ideally in your bathroom.

The range of opportunities with antique bathroom taps is endless, as long as you wake up the interior designer in yourself and choose something optimal for your space.

Get a Gorgeous Mirror

When decorating your home with antiques, mirrors are one of the most gorgeous details that have the power to make a statement. Bathrooms are no exception at all, as mirrors are the ultimate bathroom element that also has both, functional and aesthetical purposes.

antique mirrors

Talking about elevating your vintage bathroom with a lovely antique mirror, make sure you skip anything contemporary again and go for an elegant ornate design. And to achieve this vintage elegance, interior design experts recommend choosing a frame featuring carving and decorations, dark edges, distressed patches and an “old-fashioned” tint to make the mirror appear as if it has deteriorated with age.

When it comes to the mirror’s shape, rectangular designs are ideal to complement the other vintage décor as well as to add a little bit of depth and create an illusion of larger bathroom space.

Top It Off with Unique Accessories

Once you choose the perfect vintage fixtures and elements for your bathroom, it’s time to pay attention to the more intricate details. Consider getting some gorgeous bath accessories to add the final touch to your bathroom like vintage towel racks and hooks, elegant soap dispensers, toilet paper holders and trash cans.

Towel racks and hooks being mentioned, a lovely ladder rack can be ideal to kill two birds with one stone and give your bathroom a lovely vintage element while providing more towel space for your household. Once you choose a brushed gold or a polished silver ornate design that matches your antique tapware, you’ll see how they instantly elevate the vintage feel and the overall aesthetic of your bathroom space.

bathroom accessories

On the other hand, vintage soap bath accessories sets are also the perfect accent detail that can give your bathroom some additional antique feel. For this purpose, anything made from stainless steel, aluminium or plastic won’t work as excellent as glass. For instance, you can choose a set of a cute soap dispenser or dish and a toothbrush holder with lovely carved textures, floral patterns or interesting illustrations. Once you match them with a vintage toilet roll and brush holder featuring gold, elegant bronze or chrome details, you’re almost done decorating.

If you still don’t feel like there’s enough vintage touch, feel free to update your bath area with a set of lovely refillable shampoo bottles featuring unique vintage designs. For instance, refillable bottles in basic white or amber tints and printed waterproof labels are the perfect addition to your bath area that screams “vintage”. Except for these bottles, a nice wooden bath caddy or metal tray in the previously mention finishes can also be perfect to elevate the antique feel of your bathroom area.

Now that you got a couple of stylish ideas, don’t hesitate to hit the market and turn your basic bathroom into the ultimate antique space.

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