Fashion Over 50: Suggestions on How to Pick & Style Maxi Skirts

When you’re a woman over 50, summer can be the most confusing time of the year. Most of us aren’t comfortable wearing shorts anymore and capris don’t offer much in terms of breathability. But everyone agrees that maxi skirts are a great choice to get through the warmer days. So, what are the reasons behind this?

Maxi skirts have that kind of soft, flowing silhouette that feels light around your body. While most bottoms can make you feel stuffy and hot, these skirts can actually help you cool down by letting the air circulate. What’s more, as opposed to shorter and tighter skirts, the maxi ones offer an increased range of movement. As such, maxi skirts for older women are perhaps the most comfortable and flattering piece one can wear.


maxi skirts for older women


However, these skirts aren’t always the easiest to style. If you want to look amazing, you need to pay attention to the type of skirt you choose and how you match it with other clothing elements. When choosing a maxi skirt, the first thing to do is to check the length. The ideal maxi skirt would be the one that ends a couple of centimetres above your ankles, not too long to sweep the ground, but not too short either, allowing you to wear it with high heels as well.

When it comes to the design of the skirt, make sure that it flatters your body type. Many petites and plus sizes believe that maxi skirts aren’t really for them, when in reality they haven’t found the right one yet. With that being said, for shorter ladies, the perfect maxi skirts are the ones which are darker. By matching them with brighter tops, they can create the appearance of looking taller. You can also add a belt and heels for more height. Darker skirts are also more flattering for plus size ladies as well, the only difference being that they should pair them with darker tops.


maxi skirts for older women 1


What’s more, if you have straight hips, a maxi skirt will look better with your shirt tucked in, or tied at the waist. On the other hand, if you’re curvy in the hip area and do not feel confident accentuating it, leave your shirt out. However, be careful not to wear a shirt that’s too long and will make you look baggy. In general, animal prints aren’t a great choice for maxi skirts for older women. If you do want to ingest some attitude into your outfit with prints, opt for floral prints or stripes instead. However, remember the rule that prints should never be mixed and matched, so pair your printed skirt with a regular, print-less top.

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