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Cabernet Merlot

Cabernet Merlot: The Suggested Wine for Every Wine Lover

Cabernet Merlot is without doubt, one of the most famous wines in the world. It is a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes which are some of the most grown grapes in the world. This is believed to have originated from Bordeaux hence its nickname the Bordeaux blend. The Cabernet Merlot red wine blend… continue reading →


Riesling: The Suggested Wine for White Wine Lovers

There are two types of people in the world: those who prefer red and those who prefer a glass of white wine. For those of you that love a glass of good white in hot summer days, I have a suggestion: the German light, crisp and a little bit sweet Riesling.


The Suggested Rose Wine Pairings

Rose wine is back in style; it is the best wine to kickstart summer, so why not try it. Rose wines are irresistibly fun and versatile, which means they easily pair with a light lunch and a fancy dinner without a thought. Many Roses available out there, have the amazing flavour profiles and are drier… continue reading →


The Suggested Foods to Match With Semillon Wine

Semillon is one of the oldest white wine varietals often overlooked. People would rather choose Sauvignon Blanc instead to buy Semillon wine and all because they are not familiarized enough with the quality and exceptional taste of this wine. After all, Semillion wine was one of the two greatest Australia’s white table wines for many… continue reading →

The Suggested Uses Of Propolis

You may be familiar with the beautiful yellow and amber colours typical for honeycomb and bee-wax. Moreover, you may also be familiar with health benefits of these products. But the one bee-produced substance that exists and is not often discussed is propolis. Propolis is a resinous material used by the bees to seal small gaps… continue reading →


The Suggested New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc Wines

Do you buy Sauvignon Blanc because it’s the king among the whites, or because it’s the most present wine on the shelves? No matter the reason, it’s a fact that Sauvignon Blanc is the most popular white wine. Many regions around the world produce Sauvignon Blanc, but not all are equally popular. One of more… continue reading →


Suggested Foods For A Naturally Beautiful Skin

Did you know that your skin cells produce harmful free radicals that are one of the main culprits for deep facial wrinkles? Since outer beauty is the mirror of your overall health (mind and body), making healthy lifestyle choices is fundamental in order to obtain an attractive and vibrant skin. Moreover, the healthy foods are… continue reading →